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#4982 Cock Tales and Feathers

Posted by BetsyGritt on 31 March 2016 - 01:04 PM

In 1779 a woman by the name of Betsy Flanagan owned a tavern near Yorktown, New York. Men from Washington's army used to hang out at this establishment to relax their worries and energize themselves with concoctions of alcohol known as bracers. Many of the officers used to tease old Betsy about the chickens that one of her close neighbors. Seems the neighbor was a Tory. Well, one day she decided to make them all eat their words.
Back in those days, no true patriot would buy anything from a Tory. It just wasn't done. Political correctness and all. So, Betsy arranged a wonderful chicken dinner for them. When they finished feasting on the delicious birds they continued their celebrations at the bar with more bracers. To their merriment they found each bottle or 'bracer' festooned with a cock's tail from the Tory chicken farmers coop. They laughed and laughed and a toast was called for and one of the men (I think he was French) exclaimed:
"Vive le cock tail"
Betsy was a popular gal it seems. Since that day forward all of Betsy's concoctions were known as cocktails, a name that we still use today to describe the inebriating drinks we so love to imbibe from time to time.

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#3705 Dante's Divine Internet

Posted by Ludikrus on 01 January 2016 - 06:33 PM

Thought ya'll might like to travel the travails of comedy divine...





Wrestling with the inner/outer self.

Value of the guide becomes irrelevant in the end.

Decisions of the self increase....
Chiasmic Triple tercet of tactics.

Plus random structures of context and images.

Song sssStructure:  ABA BCB CDC DED CDC BCB ABA

Rhyme and reason; rejection is hell.
Blaming Everyone, but yourself.
It gets better, once you get rolling...
Try not to assume so much along the way.


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#9895 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Red on 02 June 2017 - 11:45 AM

How can I make a thread of this nature without including metaphors?
Metaphors are one of the most common types of speech. They add a sort of definition and color because they describe a comparison between two things that are most often apart except for a common characteristic that can link the two together. A noun or a verb can be described as something different. 
An example comparing a chef to a writer. Learning to write can be visualized with cooking skills. One must learn to bake, roast, chop, and cut. Including all the little things that go with it through practice and experience. They're great for sharpening the imagination and to give further understanding in communicating ideas 
Metaphors are different from similes in that they don't use terms like "like" or "as" to compare two things. Metaphors make hidden comparisons. Portraying one thing as being something else but not that something else. There is an implied implicit meaning.

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#9848 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Red on 31 May 2017 - 02:28 PM

Ever hear of a Doppelganger? These are characters created in literature that define a mirror image within a principal persona. A common definition usually references a look-alike type of personality. Traditionally, doppelgangers are the evil aspect inserting wicked ideas into the head of it's counterpart. They're used to show other parts of a character study to create a conflict within a story and to show the darker more objectionable sides inside a protagonists mind and heart. Showing the possible dark side as well as the light...

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#9710 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Feathers on 23 May 2017 - 04:20 PM


Great thread idea OP. Looking up examples about this subject I noticed most of the videos about specific fallacies are made in India. Maybe that's just the cookie monster feeding me free samples...
This one involves a little thinking. It gives a decent explanation of syllogisms.
Systematically solve any syllogism problem within a minute without using Venn diagram. This method is called Aristotle's method and it is highly effective, just like solving two mathematical equation.






Therefore you are a chicken. Isn't that something?



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#9704 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Ludikrus on 23 May 2017 - 01:43 PM




I like Homophones. These are words with different spellings and meanings but sound the same. Like 'soul' and 'sole'.


They're different from Homographs: which are words that are spelt the same but have different meanings. Like 'spring' which means 'to jump' or a season





Then we get to Oronyms, which is apparently a word invented by Gyles Brandreth, and quite frankly I wouldn’t put it past him. An Oronym is a sequence of words that sound the same as another, with endless comic possibilities. The brain hears speech not as individual words but as an overall flow which it has to try to interpret, and what with accents and mispronunciation and slang, it’s hardly surprising that occasionally we get it wrong.

“The stuffy nose can lead to problems.”

“The stuff he knows can lead to problems.”

Actually, by far the best example I can give of Oronyms at work is the Four Candles sketch by the Two Ronnies.




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Posted by Ludikrus on 28 November 2016 - 05:49 AM

Spreading black plague

For years people have been complaining of waste running down the rivers in America. Doing some research in my own state reveals much behind the curtain of politics we all face today. The great show on the major media hardly touches the real concerns facing the infrastructure of our country today.


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#4795 Charms for inspiration...

Posted by Forster Woods on 13 March 2016 - 04:53 PM

I found a great thread from another site. It offers an artistic approach at creating 'enchantments'.  Whether by words and phrases, images, and sound. An inspirational approach that may help others transform their own personal relationships into something more positive.


An Art form of great Quality

Choose to click or not click!

That is the question.... :chicken4:


I'll offer a bit here on Chickensomething of what I added on this interesting thread. It dovetails into something I've been thinking about for some time...

Regarding the enchantments created by the medium in which I call like to call 'The Flickers'. An old term. A 'magic' word used by people long since dead when Magic lanterns became something more....

I'll try to get to more on magic words at the end of this post.

The problems and dangers of time travel. Sometimes, it's real hard getting back to the future. Ah well, I guess that's just the pro's and con's of hitch hiking. The guide on the galaxy is pretty good for that. All this led to a bit of visual psychology. You know, the hypnotism of the flickers. Symbolism of imagery combined with sounds and music. Looking at iconography and how it can be used for enchantments. Showing major contentions in the psychological injections of ideas and fantasies into our minds and ultimately our human spirit. These injections include both positive and negative stimulus.

Which ingredients for enchantments are the best kind? We could use humor as an example. Divide it in two. One side comedy, the other satire. Comedy is positive. Satire is negative.

Visuals in black and white. Silent film era...Positive and negative flickers of thought! Yeah, I know these are old flickers of enchantment, but, I think they're pretty good. Those old enchanters really knew what they were doin.

Harold Lloyd - Satire

His films seem to mock the human condition and enjoy doing it. Extreme situations of danger and personal catastrophe . Master at editing and clever camera work. Willing to do own stunts at great hazard.


Charlie Chaplin - Comedy

Comedy with etiquette and finesse. Positive in a world of suffering. The tramp should never talk. He says enough by his genius at silent lucid gesture.

Can this be a magical word of enchantment?

In those days your subtitle count was the measure of your art...

Now, I gotta ask, is this really good etiquette at the table?





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#4749 Giving the Game Away

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 06 March 2016 - 01:05 PM

We could mention some of the nefarious selling procedures practiced by the cell phone companies. Always pushing the bundles and getting people to sign contracts that lock them into cages filled with debt and more price increases along the way. These contracts only ever work one way. To benefit the seller. Nevermind the inside theft and little discrepancies appearing with bonus' for the bigger fish. Tricking proxy holders into signing extra rewards to the sycophants just for doing their jobs. Cooking for accountants 101...

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#4363 Useful and Free Software

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 01 February 2016 - 08:25 PM

Thank you for the pin!





Welcome!  In fact, looks like it might be good for a perma pin!


B)  B)  B)






Those are always good. Little sites that offer simple links to stuff. This link is nice in looking for specific task minded software...
Windows Download Hubs
Download Hubs help you to easily and quickly find software that performs a specific task. But here's the twist: we won't just recommend the "best apps ever" and force you to take our word for it.
Instead, our editors create a list of hand picked software titles that can accomplish the task and you can make a choice based on your own criteria.



That one is really good! A task criteria driven search engine.  Nice!



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#4336 Useful and Free Software

Posted by BertNicker on 01 February 2016 - 10:10 AM

Anyone like freeware? Have you ever installed a high end app only to use a few features? If you just need to do a quick task and need a small app to do it in, here's a listing of sites that offer free categorized software for just about anything you want to do.
Home of the Underdogs (This one is a bit ify, I'll leave it to the mods to decide)

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#3708 Dante's Divine Internet

Posted by Quartus on 01 January 2016 - 07:17 PM

I sense a Parallel between Dante and Machiavelli...?
Why concentrate so much on the Inferno?
It's a modern day lingering in hell.
You can't win against the devils down there.
It's best to leave them to their own devices.
They'll linger forever.
But, I think you already know that....

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#3691 How to mix up a batch of extreme prejudice

Posted by Ghost in the Machine on 30 December 2015 - 12:50 PM

Suppose it symbolizes adding fuel to burn for vain glory?!
Concentrating and condensing Itself for the chosen few .. or predestined.
The extreme use of prejudice denotes an escalation in hatred beyond insanity.


A Common factor with all groups with extreme prejudicial viewing systems:
They destroy not only a whole groups of human beings, but, all traces of their books, their artwork, their knowledge...
An evil, single minded force to wipe clean all traces of existence.


Follow the trail of all that glittering silver and gold coming over from the New World.


What did it finance?
What debts did the Crown incur?

Blood and Gold The Making of Spain





To whom were these debts paid to?

Where is all that gold and silver today?



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#3128 Badass Weapons You’ve Probably Never Heard of...

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 02 December 2015 - 01:22 PM



Nice!  Found some old school obscurities from some master gunmakers...



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#11372 Humanity Wake Up Call From An Icon Of The Past

Posted by Ludikrus on 01 September 2017 - 01:51 PM

Charlie Chaplin!


One of my favorites.


He and many others formed the foundation for the power of movie magic upon the soul of all mankind.


:hangingfromastar:  :hangingfromastar:  :hangingfromastar:  :hangingfromastar:  :hangingfromastar:
It's interesting how the ideas created in the movies flow into the mind of pop culture. Those in the beginning of this age of flickering light new the value of the stars they created in the eyes of the people. Propaganda to keep people informed for both good or ill. The symbolic structures created in these moving images managed (and still do, better than ever) to instill the perfect form of mass hypnotism into the heart of society. Never before had such a medium of general programming been possible. 
Silent film had more communication power over a wider range of diversity. It communicated in any spoken language; crossing all culture barriers. Where ever a screen could be set up one could see a single world view through the gates of moving time. Giving it strength to tell a story to inspire anyone from anywhere. Everybody knew who Charlie Chaplin was. No dubbing required.

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#11365 Humanity Wake Up Call From An Icon Of The Past

Posted by chickensomething on 01 September 2017 - 05:56 AM

This is a very profound speech that holds true today more than ever about the fading human condition. Charlie Chaplin was way ahead of his time. This YouTube Video really accentuates this brilliant speech from the "Great Dictator"



This was from 1940. Makes you wonder how people got so stupid over the last 77 years. Progress for humanity? I think not.



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#11173 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Feathers on 11 August 2017 - 12:06 PM

33 Illustrated Literal Idioms, Puns and Proverb Jam Sessions Created By Keren Rosen

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#11168 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Ludikrus on 11 August 2017 - 10:11 AM

Idioms are figurative devices used to convey something literal in a more ornate way. They can add subtle meanings in both good and bad expressions. Idioms are two or more words used to describe a clearer sense of coherence. As always cultural differences do apply. Metaphorically, the quality of the idiom is a matter of degree. Idioms are shorter ways of expressing a complicated idea and they bring clear mental images to the mind. Idiom use in quality news reporting is limited but are common in advertisements and promotional materials. Tabloid press magazines and bombastic alternative news outlets use idioms constantly.  
Idiom Site
An alphabetical listing of common idioms

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#10191 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Red on 17 June 2017 - 03:02 PM


Don't cha just love the sound of this word? It's so sharp and snakey. Always good with an exclamation point! This word means a snide and sarcastic comment. They can be both wildly stupid or incredibly clever. Depending on the point of view. It combines cynicisms with blended wit. They'r usually quick little quips to tease someone into an emotional response. Derisive in nature they can and will at times cut deep into the psyche. It can be used as a defensive device to cut away at an individual like an ad hominem attack. Most of the time snarks are used to mask points of view.

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#10766 Coffee: The Irresistible Bean

Posted by Ghost in the Machine on 16 July 2017 - 02:08 PM


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