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The Gravitas of the Star System

Posted by Riddikulus, 02 August 2016 · 1,213 views

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The recent rhetoric performed by the major media has intrigued me. I thought I would share a bit of it to indulge new curiosities and stimulate new thoughts that can perhaps generate new ideas...


What exactly is a gold star family? Are there silver star families? What about bronze, red, green, orange, and the like...


Does this mean there is an invisible caste system going on? Based on services rendered to the powers that be? I suppose that would be about the secret and unwritten rules of upper echelon politics. To many parts are filled in with brick walls and hidden behind closed doors. Secret passages filled with psychological propaganda leading the sheep into (a)mazed confusion.


We all know the frame of this structure. It's been built many times before. In many sizes. Historically as well as visually...


Posted Image


So, with that in mind, let's take a look at the media star system. A controlled galaxy in a universe filled with them. What color stars do media personalities receive for their service? Well, I suppose they have their own jargon for it. I've heard it called the 'list' system. You know the ones; the A listers all the way down to the Z listers. They got their own cliques within cliques all vying over control like those idiots fighting in super sales on Black Friday. Only in a more socially subtle way: the power of suggestion. The con of marketing value. All for that big commission. Brand naming the copyright with copy right into our minds. I think this says something about this invisible social caste system we all live in.


It's like a Fractal!


Posted Image


Do you buy products by their star value?


The color and number of stars a group or individual has determines who really gets to receive the best resources. A better say in their own opinions. The power to influence and force others (if needed) to sacrifice themselves to their cause. Blasting forth the rhetoric beyond the speed of light right into our hearts without leaving room for an individual to think at his or her own pace with their own mind. It seems these stars go though our minds like endless loops in hyper-drive.


What about the invisible stars?


or, the black ones?


How do stars and their colors influence the shaped stereotypes we use to judge the ideas and things we buy?


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Orientating the Stars



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