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The Sounds of Music

Posted by Riddikulus, 03 September 2016 · 974 views

Today, using computers, anyone can create beats and sounds. Mixing them together with layered digital perfection. Polished and pure with tuned perfection. Cutting and pasting rhythmic patterns to hypnotize our minds with dancing waves of emotion.


This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately its commercial aspect using basic song structures without knowing much theory or putting into practice the necessary skills to master an instrument cheapens its value. Music should teach us about structure and form. Rhyme and reason.


Music is a strong influence in society. Based on propaganda inspired commercialism. Incorporating repetitive rhythms to insert emotional value into our inner selves without the need for words. Always has been, always will. That's just in a pop culture sort of sense. It's the surface garbage that keeps us from looking deeper into how music influences us all. Knowledge of its inner workings would certainly help teach more creative ways to think about its power of psychology and control. I think this is what is missing in today's technical reasoning behind sound and structure.


An example of this would be the music in movies and TV. Underneath the images and dialog are the sounds of music to convey a deeper sense of emotional impact on the audience. For the most part it's classical in its approach. In many ways! Causing all kinds of emotional value to enhance the visuals on the screen. Don't forget the sound effects. Star Wars would be just another formula based story set in space without the genius of John Williams.....


Music conveys so much power in our society the world over. A common language. The power of rhythm and dance. Words themselves mean nothing in the overall context of the sounds created. Only by defining them do we make them powerful. A simple melody creates stimuli and inhibitors all by themselves. Adding lyrical rhymes gives it more definition. Think of 'Greensleeves'...a melody hundreds of years old and still going strong today. Forget the lyrics for a moment and think about how the melody alone makes you feel.


Learning how to create music by itself is not a required prerequisite in classroom study. I myself took 8 years of so called 'music class' in elementary school. All we did was learn to sing songs. No theory, no structure. Timing without learning the symbols. In my opinion? A total waste. Even in choir all we did was take direction from the teacher for the prescribed value of our voices. Used as tools in an orchestra without knowing the real value of how a single voice can be used without understanding the layered possibles of hidden control.


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