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The Magical Mnemonic Meme

Posted by Riddikulus, 02 October 2016 · 233,114 views

Memes are great for pointing out logical fallacies...Especially the ones involving strawmen throwing red herrings to the crowds.


Memes can provide a means of helping people to understand each other. They offer a way to incorporate definitions of logical fallacies. Helping us to identify the different devices used against the ignorant.


Remember these old adages?


"Ignorance is not an excuse?" and "Ignorance is Bliss?"


I argue that ignorance is an excuse. Those who understand the blissful power of logical rhetoric practice these devious devices to prey upon the ignorant to sell lies for profit and agenda. Memes offer an opportunity of pointing out the ludicrous fallacies involved in the great and secret sham.


The ones who profit from educating the masses with ignorance will face a backlash. It'll be like the 'eye' staring at itself in the mirror. The top echelon will see their own stupidity and groan. Maybe they already do. Mistakes have been made and the repercussions must follow. So really who are the stupid ones? They who play gods on a grand scale.


What does it feel like to be a god on earth? Like Caesar himself. Only very few get that divine right. Living statues from time tell that story quite well.


We down here only get the video game for that illusion. Using it as a device to connect drones for the Emperor to use in one of his many clone armies.


Posted Image


Graphic memes may have been a mistake. Maybe so, for it offers a tool for the ignorant to learn from the psychical graffiti of our times. Giving people a means to communicate on a deeper level to guard against too many consumer driven distractions. Memes can be used as a mnemonic device containing definitions of logical fallacies. They offer an entertaining and enlightening way to teach the blissfully ignorant how the salesmen push their goods forward. The mind of a strawman can be a devious thing.


The psychological value of memes to spread ideas forward becomes an ever increasing concern. The creative content they contain spark in others and then burn like wild fire through weeds. Sometimes a meme can burn whole fields of joy. Gotta be wary of the negative ones. They have their uses. Studying the logical value of fallacy and its use upon the ignorant as a weapon is useful. It helps to alleviate symptoms of frustration and anger associated with consumer confusion (cognitive-dissension?).


Memes help point out the fallacy used in the created illusions you see on the screen. Using them as mnemonic devices to insert symbols and subconscious ideas on a deep social level.


More on mnemonic devices here...



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Wary of the negative! Indeed. Thanks Ludikrus. Nice article.

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