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Possum Story

Posted by Riddikulus, 27 July 2016 · 12,042 views

It's possum season once again. These mangy little guys come around in new litters every year. Sometimes one or two stick around the homestead and move right in.


A little while back the house acquired our own little resident. This dude is one stubborn little pest. He's made himself quite at home. The leftover cat food must be his main reason why. I know he's a male because on occasion I've caught him inside the house. He was smaller then. Easier to corner and grab by the tail for quick removal off the premises.


Needless to say, the little bugger has got some pretty big balls. Literally as well as figuratively. One morning while having coffee out on the back porch I noticed a scuffling sound in the corner over by the garden tools. It was him. I saw his peaky little nose poke out from behind a bag of manure. Looked about a bit then meandered out and strided boldly to the door leading inside the house.


Not this time! I had blocked it off anticipating his move. I've been observing him for a while now. No, I don't feed him on purpose. That would encourage other critters. Don't need too many creatures about. They're nice to have around for company but that can turn into trouble of all kinds. One possum is enough. This one just keeps coming back. Even after I've emptied all the trash cans and cleaned up the cat bowl. Possums eat anything, though. Even lizards....


Well, as stated above, I blocked the entrance to the inside of house and drank my morning coffee waiting for him to show up. It wasn't long before he came around. He went up to the door and stood there for a moment or two. Sniffing about for possible entrance. Then he walked out into the yard to check around and came back to look at the door again. This went on for a bit. Back and forth a few times until he decided to look elsewhere for breakfast. He began by sniffing around every corner of the porch. Scuffling and sniffing about with a concentrated leisure. He didn't seem too worried about finding something to eat. It wasn't long before he zeroed in on something juicy. A nice fat lizard. A bold one by the way he was laid out on one of the garden tools. Sunning itself in the light between the shadows. Lower to the ground than most of the others. There are many lizards. For the most part they mind they're own business and stay away from the bigger critters.. Even the cat.


The possum had other ideas. I figured the lizard would get away. Most of the time they do. They're pretty quick when in survival mode. Which, I suppose is all the time. Lizards and their behavior. Observe them for a while and you'll see. Anyways, not this time for this particular lizard. It was quick. Quicker than I thought a possum could do. Quicker than a wink. Only goes to show one never knows much about anything. Even little possums can surprise from time to time.


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Yummy yum yum
Sep 20 2016 09:06 AM

Ever try roasted possum?

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