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Pole Shift Survival Information

Earth changes survival

Pole Shift Survival Information

The information on this site is for those who wish to improve their chances for survival after the coming pending pole shift.


Earth changes (quakes, hurricanes, etc) and strange weather is on the rise. There is an end result and a basic root cause of why. The approach of incoming Planet-X or sometimes called 10th Planet, 12th Planet, Wormwood, Nibiru, Hercolubus, the Red Dragon, the Red Star, the Destroyer, or Marduk will result in a shifting of the earth's poles in the near future.


This site is for those that want to improve their chances for survival after the coming pole shift. Some of us have observed that a pole shift is in our near future and we wish to share what we have found that could be usefully knowledge to have at hand to assist survival. Our goal is to improve our neighbor's survival and as a result we improve our own survival.


The information in this site is to be used for personal educational or as a reference to improve survivability of the coming pole shift. It is intended to assist in surviving the primitive situation that would exist after a pole shift of the order of a near extinction earth changing event. This information is not comprehensive only what a few of us have found to date. One needs to use other sources to get the full picture of what information is needed.

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