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Incredible Self-Sufficient Home That Resembles The Eye of Horus

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Incredible Self-Sufficient Home That Resembles The Eye of Horus

Luis de Garrido is a Spanish architect, designer and researcher who specializes in sustainable architecture; designing eco-friendly, self-sustaining buildings with very strict health, ecological and environmental criteria. He studied and received a doctorate in architecture at PUV Polytechnic University of Valencia. He then went on to receive a masters in Urban Design at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and finally to the United States where he received a doctorate in computer science. Having played a role in the design and creation of over 100 unique sustainable designs, he is among the most distinguished eco-architects in the world.


“Sustainable Architecture meets the needs of its occupants, at any time, anywhere, without jeopardizing the welfare and development of future generations. It involves honest commitment to human development and social stability, using architectural strategies to optimize resources and materials, promoting renewable energy, minimizing waste and emissions, maintenance, functionality and the price of the buildings and improving the quality of life of its occupants,” says Garrido.


Among Garrido’s most astonishing designs is his 2011 project, Eye of Horus Eco-House; an enamoring, entirely self-sufficient home built on the Isla Playa de Cleopatra in Turkey that, when viewed from above, resembles the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, symbolizing protection and good health. The living area is contained entirely within the multi-level central dome that serves as the eye’s pupil. The dome is framed with steel and adorned with glass panels that allow light from the sun to illuminate the entire home. Special measures, such as tilted louvers, planned landscaping and sufficient ventilation, have been taken in order to mitigate any natural heating from a greenhouse effect.


The eye shape of the property was created using photovoltaic panels that work in concordance with a state-of-the-art geothermal system to power the 25 room. The structure harvests rainwater in addition to an on-site biological system that treats wastewater. Lastly, the top floor of the dome is a landscaped, indoor terrace from which on can relax and take in the strikingly beautiful terrain from all directions.



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