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Vulgar Displays of Power

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 17 Feb 2018
            Debasing, isn't it!   Don't worry Dbase has it covered   D for Data!   .
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The Chicken Coup 15 Feb 2018
Too dark for mobile users. Got a lighter one?
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The Future of Robotic Exoskeletons

The Chicken Coup 09 Feb 2018
Robotic Exoskeletons Are Changing Lives in Surprising Ways     Say the term ‘power suit’ and most people think of bold corporate attire. But the expression takes on new meaning when it refers to a powered “exoskeleton,” like Ellen Ripley’s power loader in "Aliens," or Iron Man’s armor...
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Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 07 Feb 2018
The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program     The Defense Department has never before acknowledged the existence of the program, which it says it shut down in 2012. But its backers say that, while the Pentagon ended funding for the effort at that time, the program remains in existence....
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Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit…

The Chicken Coup 06 Feb 2018
  With breakthroughs in technology every year, from improvements in transportation to new trip planning applications, wanderlusts can travel to more secluded places. However, there are some places that will remain off limits -- and for good reason.   The sites below are among the most...
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The Lost History of America

Learning From The Past 14 Jan 2018
Here's an interesting documentary on the history of the Americas that is seldom told in todays classroom. Except at the universities. Even then there will be a slant to it. It tells the tale from the Spaniards point of view. Giving the British a reckless attitude towards their humanity while toni...
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Would You Like a Reading?

The Chicken Coup 08 Jan 2018
Expanding the definition of fun.   Writing is a medium of language. Artful reading enlarges our sense of language and understanding.   Most of todays reading is done to extract information and discard it once it's used. Artful reading takes the time to appreciate a thoughtful phrase or...
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The True Story...

The Chicken Coup 05 Jan 2018
A ludicrous production of why the world is schitt.   Blame it on the Schitt Family. It's amazing how this family rose to power and influences so much of the worlds opinion of itself.    It must be part of the American dream: nothing like taking a good shit. It just becomes less fre...
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The Horrifying Job of Facebook Content Moderators

The Chicken Coup 23 Dec 2017
The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed     Baybayan is part of a massive labor force that handles “content moderation”—the removal of offensive material—for US social-networking sites. As social media connects more people more intimately than ever befo...
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Normalizing the Alternative Agenda

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 16 Dec 2017
Enter the territory of forbidden words. A realm of politically correct jargon fortified with extra jibberjabber. Protein free and guaranteed to stifle your brain   CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity   The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at...
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Today is three sixes

Learning From The Past 07 Dec 2017
12/6 = 6 6 6 So everyone at the NSA and FBI that keeps trinity safe should be executed for sedition and treason, right? You shouldn't hack computers and protect people that destroy my property, right?
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Sharps and Flats

The Chicken Coup 28 Nov 2017
I thought it would be a cool idea to make a thread listing some interesting facts about music: Eccentricities of composers, little known anecdotes about songs, and a general history of what makes human beings sing so much.   I'll start with 'musical puzzles'. These are cool little techniques...
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The Great Jungle War

Learning From The Past 09 Nov 2017
At the height of the First World War, as armies of thousands fought with each other on European soil, a much more unusual battle was waged in eastern Africa, where Belgian and German colonial territories were separated by the second largest body of water on the continent: Lake Tanganyika. ...
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Once Upon A Time....

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 04 Nov 2017
For some reason, there are some serious discrepancies and omissions from Wikipedia (Go Figure) that are more than disturbing. We all take for granted there some guy or people in a room or building somewhere making sure the Internet time clock is absolutely precise. Many people do not realize...
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The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels

Learning From The Past 27 Oct 2017
Western civilization hangs by a thread - to rescue it, we must delve deep into the past to find out how to save the future. The fall of the Roman Empire closely mirrors the challenges currently facing Europe and North America – toxic multiculturalism, rampant immigration, runaway feminism, debt,...
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Land Patents

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 27 Oct 2017
For many landowners, land patents are a vaguely defined or even foreign concept. These days, the vast majority of regular Americans own their homes or properties through a deed or title issued by their local jurisdiction. In exchange, they pay property taxes, respect local building codes, follow...
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Heinrich Himmler's Occult Library Found

Learning From The Past 27 Oct 2017
Stash of Books from the Witch Library of Nazi Chief Himmler Found in Prague   A collection of 13,000 occult and witchcraft books has been found recently in the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague. It belonged to Heinrich Himmler, a SS Nazi chief. The collection was forgotten in...
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Mysterious Disturbing and Sinister Audio Recordings

The Chicken Coup 26 Oct 2017
There have been many mysterious and spooky things caught on camera since our technological sophistication has allowed us to do so, giving us eerie glimpses into the unknown. Yet there are also just as many caught in audio recordings, snippets of sound forever captured and etched into posterity fo...
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does anyone watch the tv series roswell?

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 24 Oct 2017
that series is really starting to heat up
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chicken something morphed from another website

Chickensomething Website Discussion 19 Oct 2017
I think a mod from that website had also seen my 80s movie If you know the name of that website, or the mod, please tell me.
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American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur

Learning From The Past 19 Oct 2017
A four part documentary on the life of General Douglas MacArthur. Documents his early years at West Point, WW1, and all his trials in WW2. The last part documents his complete power in Japan and his Korean War efforts.     https://youtu.be/io32SnyhYpM  
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God In America

Learning From The Past 19 Oct 2017
Pbs Frontline God In America 01 A New Adam   This episode briefly documents the Spanish incursions into the religious attitudes of the Native Americans. Details a few instances of Franciscan treachery towards the Native population. In New England the Puritans reach America and begin their ow...
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please help me with a 80s tv movi

The Chicken Coup 18 Oct 2017
Its an 80s tv movie: a traveler is given a daughter in the winter, in the spring there's a baby I already tried several search movie sites to no avail. Anyone who knows anything, please tell me Keep your gags to your self.  
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Oil Drillers poke hole draining entire lake

Learning From The Past 18 Oct 2017
  a team of oil drillers from Texaco were probing for oil beneath a lake when they miscalculate and puncture a hole using a 14 inch bit and it causes lake to drain 2.5 billion gallons and takes 11 barges and flat bed trucks as well as trees
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does anyone know how jaime frazier dies on outlander?

The Chicken Coup 15 Oct 2017
thats the outlander with caitriona balfe
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hi. I'm back

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? 14 Oct 2017
hope everyone is all right
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NASA Testing Planetary Defense System on Asteroid

The Chicken Coup 08 Oct 2017
How NASA Plans to Test its Planetary Defense Systems on Close-Approach Asteroid   NASA is preparing to test out its planetary defense systems on an asteroid that will come extremely close to Earth next week.   Asteroid TC4 will pass us by on October 12 at an estimated distance of 31,000...
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Japan | No Country for Islam

Learning From The Past 02 Oct 2017
In Japan it seems they know who they are. Protecting their heritage and citizens come first.    
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A.I. Godhead - Religions of the Future

Philosophy, Psychology and Religion 29 Sep 2017
Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski is emerging from the shadow of a self-driving lawsuit to create a robot god.   The present continues to take inspiration from science-fiction author Isaac Asimov’s visions of the future. In “The Last Question,” Asimov conceived of an artificial inte...
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