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tarot xviii

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 07:06 AM
2 of cups reversed love tarot 10 card tarot spread free online tarot reading trusted tarot ace of cups love dove tarot reading tarot job questions how do angel tarot cards work tarot the lovers card meaning free money tarot card reading lovers tarot card for career major arcana tarot tarot xiv um...
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jolie salopes

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 06:57 AM
sex blog amatrice francaise baise femme gros seins et gros cul sexe au soleil baise travesti beau cul d arabe amatrice gros seins baise salope blonde poilue sexe en latex look de salope gratuit porno lahaie porno photo du cul de nicki minaj secretaire baise bureau salope en body porno mature amat...
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test astrologie chinoise

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 06:32 AM
12 avril quel signe astrologique decembre signe astrologique chinois 8 avril signe astrologique les signes astrologiques les dates compatibilite signe astrologique homme cancer 24 septembre quel signe astrologique compatibilite des signes astrologiques scorpion signe astrologique ne le 4 avril si...
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serpent astrologie chinoise

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 06:19 AM
image signe zodiaque lion signe astrologique 11 octobre quel signe astrologique le 23 juillet 16 avril quel signe astrologique portrait astrologique du lion ascendant vierge ne le 15 avril signe astrologique gemeaux astrologie ne le 14 decembre signe astrologique ne le 21 juin signe astrologique...
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astrologie druidique roseau

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 06:08 AM
13 signes du zodiaque astrologie celtique des arbres signe astrologique homme balance et femme capricorne signe astrologique 19 decembre les signes du zodiaque symboles astrologie amerindienne loutre compatibilite amoureuse entre les signes astrologiques astrologie 2017 taureau interpretation tir...
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22 septembre signe astrologique

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 05:34 AM
signe d'air astrologie signe astrologique lion ascendant gemeaux signe astrologique 16 septembre portrait astrologique selon date de naissance ascendants astrologique signe zodiaque chinois chat lapin quelle signe astrologique signe zodiaque 1er avril signe astrologique chinois annee du singe sig...
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ram symbol in astrology

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 05:10 AM
astrological sign for may 30 free astrology based on birth date and time my birth date astrology important asteroids in astrology astrology catalog astrology for leo astrology venus love signs astrology january 31 birthday gann astrology secrets cancer astrology birth dates chinese astrological s...
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livelines tarot readers

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 05:10 AM
past life love tarot aquarius tarot reading august free egypt tarot reading tarot decks 2017 tarot four of swords love 9 wands tarot shaman tarot deck tarot lesson tarot card spreads for love drawing tarot cards tarot taurus horoscope six of swords tarot heaven empress tarot online tarot reading...
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zep happy sex

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 04:36 AM
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compatible astrology libra pisces

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? Today, 04:05 AM
astrology numerology for person born on february 12 vedic astrology sun sign scorpio 6th house astrology astrology.vom black love signs astrology asteroids astrology love astrology room love horoscopes astrology and past life karma rahu in 7th house sacred astrology fortune telling through astrol...
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Cartoon From 60 Years Ago That Predicts Today's Reality

Learning From The Past 13 Aug 2018
Prophetic Warnings from Many Year Ago   Here's a very interesting cartoon from 60 years ago that foresees today's times. It's eerie and clearly shows how everyone has drank from the bottle of "isms" and become chained by its own undoings. This cartoon depicts Dr. Utopia as the "snake oil sal...
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Broken Links

Chickensomething Website Discussion 22 Jul 2018
We're noticing more broken links to article snippets and videos posted on the site. If any guest or member should find them while surfing through, it would be appreciated if you could report them. There is a report button for every thread and post available to all.   We'll fix them as we fin...
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Current Human Condition And Perceptions

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 20 Jul 2018
One cannot help but notice the utter madness of rhetoric found from extreme portions of human consciousness in the middle of 2018, our collective planetary "calendar" made by man himself. Funny how nobody questions how or why the common calendar number of July 19, 2018 exists anywa...
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Swiss Army Knife

The Chicken Coup 16 Jul 2018
Hello everyone, I decided that it would be nice to have victorinox knife for myself, but I do not know anything about them, can you advise something?Hello everyone, I decided that it would be nice to have swiss army knife for myself, but I do not know anything about them, can you advise something...
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Where is admin?

Chickensomething Website Discussion 29 May 2018
Where is administration? It is about advertisement on your website. Thanks
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Ancient Civilization in the United States

Learning From The Past 23 May 2018
Encapsulated ideas of Darwinism, manifest destiny, uniquely qualified to spread the word forward. Superior, inferior science vs. religion flowing out to drive the savages before us... ...hide or destroy anything and everything that goes against these ideas... Smithsonian attitudes in the 1880s re...
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Redefining Food Porn

The Chicken Coup 18 May 2018
Redefining food porn, eating right and where to cheat in TO Wait…Food Porn? You heard right. According to Elspeth Probin [1] food porn is a glamorized spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media. For the sake of this pi...
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Welcome our new member - Me!:)

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? 18 Apr 2018
I'm Beatrice, and I collect impressions. A book, a first bunch of ducks flying over your head in early spring, delicious hot dog - tell me what gave you the sense of being alive and I will keep your story. Also, I started a kinda-blog where I test the so popular now writing resources and create a...
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NASA Pushes for Nuclear-Powered Space Missions

The Chicken Coup 30 Mar 2018
NASA's Nuclear Thermal Engine Is a Blast From the Cold War Past   Nuclear thermal propulsion, which was studied in the Cold War for space travel, could make a comeback to fly humans to Mars.   NASA studied "nuclear thermal propulsion systems" during the Cold War, but shelved the idea be...
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Iron Mountain -- Blueprint for Tyranny

Learning From The Past 28 Mar 2018
This is a two and a half hour documentary on the 1966 Iron Mountain Report, requested by John F. Kennedy’s administration. This explosive document caused a great stir around the world. It is the agenda of the elite on the methodology of a complete takeover of the United States and the world, via...
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Future Shock

Learning From The Past 26 Mar 2018
The effects of consumerism and technology in our society. Orson Welles narrates this timeless documentary on what we can expect in the future. The accelerating pace of change teaching us lessons in impermanence. Tearing down old structures to make room for more. Adapting temporary and modular arc...
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Phobia or Fearful Folly?

The Chicken Coup 25 Mar 2018
Falling phobias raining down with fearful frenzy.   Turning water into wine to mine the minds of men and women everywhere.   This thread will be an alphabetical list of phobias presented in a playful pictorial fashion.   Hope you like it.     Alliumphobia - fear of garl...
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Haven't logged in for a while...

Introduce Yourself Or Are You Chicken? 25 Mar 2018
Hi there. I like the view new content that I haven't read feature. Looks like I have a lot to catch up on. I've been watching for a while. Nice Job!      
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Internet Censorship Around the World

The Chicken Coup 20 Mar 2018
As the Internet has evolved, so too has its censorship. In the beginning, many believed that censoring the Internet was impossible, since networks were to designed to adapt to major disruptions and simply route around any barriers—including intentional ones. However, countries like Singapore, Chi...
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Déjà vu: brain tricks, or predicting the future?

Philosophy, Psychology and Religion 19 Mar 2018
The Neuroscience of Déjà Vu   Déjà vu is a French term that literally means "already seen" and is reported to occur in 60-70% of people, most commonly between the ages of 15 and 25. The fact that déjà vu occurs so randomly and rapidly—and in individuals without a medical condition—makes it d...
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"The Twilight of Civilizations" Angkor Wat

Learning From The Past 18 Mar 2018
Better than average documentary featuring Angkor Wat. Not only is the architecture astounding but the basic plan for a long term system of waterways is documented. These canals and reservoirs are what powered this large system of geopolitical control. A compelling explanation of it's abandonment...
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What Is Compound Interest?

The Chicken Coup 11 Mar 2018
Compound interest is one of the most powerful forces of investing. Here's how to calculate it. When it comes to calculating interest, there are two basic choices: simple and compound. Simple interest simply means a set percentage of the principal every year, and is rarely used in practice. On the...
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New Mexico’s Sad Bet on Space Exploration

The Chicken Coup 03 Mar 2018
Spaceport America was supposed to bring a thriving space industry to the southern New Mexico desert—but for now it’s a futurist tourist attraction, not an operational harbor to the cosmos. Spaceport America lies about 20 miles southeast of Truth or Consequences, roughly 50 miles north of Las Cru...
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Vulgar Displays of Power

Politics, News, and Hypocrisy 17 Feb 2018
            Debasing, isn't it!   Don't worry Dbase has it covered   D for Data!   .
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