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Occult Symbolism : Saturn Worship

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#1 RottenApples


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Posted 18 September 2016 - 03:28 PM

Since ancient times, sages gazed at the stars, admiring their heavenly glow and attributing them godly powers, based on their effect on humans. Before the Great Flood, Saturn was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god and ruler of the kings. Occult researchers affirm that Saturn ruled the kingdom of Atlantis and became the divine ancestor of all earthly patriarchs and kings. The cult has been perpetuated through numerous gods during Antiquity:
    “Chronos, or Saturn, Dionysos, Hyperion, Atlas, Hercules, were all connected with ‘a great Saturnian continent;’ they were kings that ruled over countries on the western shores of the Mediterranean, Africa and Spain. ”
    Baldwin, Prehistoric Nations
In Egyptian mythology Isis is considered Saturn’s eldest daughter:
    “I am Isis, Queen of this country. I was instructed by Mercury. No one can destroy the laws which I have established. I am the eldest daughter of Saturn, most ancient of the Gods”

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#2 status - Leo

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Posted 19 September 2016 - 03:31 AM

People have been worshiping one religious form or another since our inception. The sun, the moon, Mars, etc. If you look close enough many of the rituals associated with the ancient ways are incorporated into many of todays religions. The cube is a good example. Putting people into boxes since the very beginning.


What if the god(s) we worship today is the fake one veiling our true site to the one God


Did you ever wonder…
    Is it possible that the reality we experience has been hijacked by creator gods who keep us living in subservience, control, and conformity?
    Why do we look forward to the weekend (when we are weakened)?
    Why does the word Saturday mean “Saturn’s Day”?
    Why do we exchange rings when we marry?
    Why is there so much Saturn symbolism in religion and in the corporate world?

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#3 Quartus


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Posted 29 September 2016 - 03:05 AM

Saturn isn't the only cult the ancients worshipped. The sun and moon religions are prolific even in todays theology. Then there is a much older Stellar cult that you might want to check into. Michael Tsarion does a good job in describing what these theocracies are all about.

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#4 status - Qbricks

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Posted 10 October 2016 - 11:39 AM

Stanley Kubrick had originally wanted to use Saturn and not Jupiter as the location for the alien monolith in 2001.
My favourite Saturnian-type image from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Compare with below image depicting a possible Saturn, Venus and Mars configuration during the Golden Age.
It is evident that in mythological and esoteric traditions, Saturn is recognised as the original supreme creator or god.  It is also true, as documented by authors such as Richard C. Hoagland and Joseph P. Farrell, that the US space agency NASA was and is infested with various Masonic, Nazi and occult influences all intent on pursuing their own hidden agendas, and all fully versed in what this writer refers to as corrupted Saturnian lore.

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