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The Millenium Effect

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#1 Riddikulus


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Posted 09 August 2015 - 12:14 PM

Legions of ideas and schemes encased in categories to set in motion the illusion and appearance of the image of the beast.  The one god of the physical universe:  Antichrist!  Bringing about world Apocalypse.  Charm the people with wealth and technology.  Play with them as toys and never teach them how to make and use them as tools.  Science should have a calming effect.  Do you believe in gravity?  An effect without cause?

Did Newton bring the esoteric into mainstream philosophy?  The ideas of Descartes, Hobbs, and Locke all seemed to progress towards a more economically based type of revolution.





Greed is Good!

Perhaps, thinking about the universe is useless.  Considering how small we all really are in it.  We don't even know everything about our own planet.  What about the solar system?  The galaxy?  How can we even begin to know our place in this macrocosm without even beginning to know ourselves?  How is it possible to order the universe when it so difficult to order our communities, our cities, our nations....OUR world!

Who was there when the ineffable created everything?  It's looking inside the soul of the matter to find answers so one can go outside and see.  A world of thinkers, willing to do all the menial tasks necessary for society to thrive in a healthy manner.  Perhaps there is nutrition for the soul there. ... . ... or, does one prefer being institutionalized by the dazzle and greed of consumerism.  Only you, dear reader, can say...



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#2 status - Anon

status - Anon
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Posted 09 August 2015 - 12:30 PM

Maybe Newton did try to bring an esoteric attitude to the mainstream public.  This cannot be allowed under any circumstances.  The economic prosperity of the rich and famous demands a common core approach in keeping the head count subjugated.  What if the esoteric did become mainstream?  Would it be chaos?  Even so called 'awakened' people go through tribulations that cause negative emotions to flow.  Nothing is ever easy.  Not even the simple!

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#3 Riddikulus


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Posted 09 August 2015 - 12:34 PM

Meet the daily beast....You know the one!  That ominous beast of pop culture. That ancient and immoral apocalyptic monster. Spreading it’s wings and gathering its own to fight and toil against one another. Its purpose being to confuse and confound the hearts of men. Through righteous reason and abstract rhetoric. Its designs are only one: destruction.  Creating catalytic deviant behaviors with delinquent thoughts of justifiable justice. One can only wonder why? or, find out for oneself.

Ideas of the elite spread and twist only for there own protection of profit and power. A beautiful economic factor to feed the human mind with fear. We all love our sublime fear…

“Payz yer ticket, sucker, for the western dream of rebirth and a new world utopia!”
“Have a seat and enjoy the show!”
“Don’t forget to buy your soda and popcorn at our convenient concession stand.”


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#4 Riddikulus


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Posted 09 August 2015 - 12:35 PM

Who is this Economic Man? 
What are his super powers?
What does he accomplish? 
What is his costume?
His weakness'?
Super Hero?
or Villain?

Freedom, Justice, Redemption!

Redeemed and made whole through Apocalypse.
Creation of the Economic Man through investment in paper value. 
Rolling over the reasonable competition by betting on the future.

Is he the new redeemer?



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#5 status - Lazzzy

status - Lazzzy
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Posted 18 September 2015 - 05:09 AM

What happens now, Doctor No?

It is easily understood that what might improve a closely scrutinized detail, may at the same time injure a general or more distantly observed effect.  And then long spells of oblivion, and the rising back to life as a diver coming up through a great press of water.   It had to be safe from the coming war, it had to be an island, it had to be entirely private, and it had to be capable of industrial development.  After a breakfast which was an effort for both of them, Vesper said she had a headache and would stay in her room out of the sun.

Although upreared upon the summit of a wave more than a hundred times her own altitude, her apparent size exceeded that of any ship of the line or East Indiaman in existence.   He knew that nothing but the great step of physical love would cure these misunderstandings, but that words and time still had to be wasted.   The curiosity of both the physicians was greatly excited.

Somehow, above all else, he must cling to his weapons.  Yes, of course, Sir, said Bond.   Mah frens tell me as ders a pack of twenty or moh. And what happens now, Doctor No?   Then you want me not to let some previous conviction inure the receptivity of my mind with regard to some strange matter.   Before Piglet could think, Pooh answered for him.
Trouble is Ive never found the right sort of thing growing under the hat.  You had better go with Jack and the Professor and stay in the Green Park.  I shall try to follow the Professors example, and think without prejudice on the facts before me.

Then the man with the cauliflower ear walked over to a door in the far corner of the room and went out.  Im just wondering what it was.   Its motif was egg-shell blue with furnishing materials of dark blue and white.
You can do with a bit of holiday.  On this assignment you will be operating in the guise of an English agent. Bond stood and gazed at the distant glittering mountain of bird dung. A mask of black silk entirely covered his face.  At that-time of day, on most evenings of the year, you would find the same four motor cars standing in the road outside the club.   This lakelet was, perhaps, a hundred yards in diameter at its widest part.

I do not understand it, and it makes me uneasy. We shall in future be able to ease his bonds for a few hours each day.  There was a Pan-American Airways label attached to the grip. He took it and his eyes glistened.   Bond braced himself as the tyres screamed and the car lurched on two wheels and then righted itself and stopped.   Tigger finished his last circle and came up to Pooh and Piglet.
I dont suppose he minds too much about a solitary girl who collects shells.   Okay, damn you, said Leiter resignedly, but dont you go fooling around in Vegas. Van Helsing was searching about that he was trying to seek some strategic point, where we would be less exposed in case of attack.

Who is he to be, Sir?   God, with all the powers attributed to spirit, is but the perfection of matter.   You may be a bit more choosy about the jobs you take on. Colonel Klebb riffled through the last pages and shut down the cover.  I found my hands full when I got in, attending to some of the other patients who were frightened by him. When they had gone, I spoke freely with M.

I verily believe that my ill looks alone saved me a flogging.   He continued to play like an automaton, never speaking except when he gave instructions in a low aside to the croupier at the opening of each new bank.   Bond sat back and lit a cigarette.
He couldnt tell if the shots had been heard and he had no idea what opposition was left.    I suppose its only the ugly men that pay. You may not have noticed it, but the rest of the world happens to be in a bit of a mess.
We are hedged in with difficulties, all of us, my poor fellow, but, please God, we shall come through them all right.   The great box was in the same place, close against the wall, but the lid was laid on it, not fastened down, but with the nails ready in their places to be hammered home.   Give Rabbit time, and hell always get the answer.
Although I thus readily accounted to my reason, if not altogether to my conscience, for the startling fact just detailed, it did not the less fail to make a deep impression upon my fancy.   I think its a fine name, said Bond.  Then the man closed the open side of the coffin, lowered the heavy wooden lid, and that was that.

It is only a line dated from Castle Dracula, and says that he is just starting for home.   I verily believe that my ill looks alone saved me a flogging.   I do not wish, however, to trace the course of my miserable profligacy here-a profligacy which set at defiance the laws, while it eluded the vigilance of the institution. The kimono was lying in a pile on the floor. And until he have the purpose to do more, he continue to do the same again every time, just as he have done before!   The girl told them to keep to the east and they worked their way slowly along inside the fringe of bushes.

I still continued in the plane of the elipse, but made little progress to the eastward.  The wounds of the face were superficial.  Drawing any other card he would be defeated. He held out a hand, which Quincey took.   The impression of a healthy animal peasant girl was heightened by the chunky hips in faded blue stockinet bathing trunks and the thick short thighs and legs that were revealed when she had stripped. Seward, humanitarian and medico-jurist as well as scientist, will deem it a moral duty to deal with me as one to be considered as under exceptional circumstances.

The Chinamans hens getting their corn.   Sometimes the hills were so steep that, despite our drivers haste, the horses could only go slowly.   Bond took an ounce more pains with his steering and put the thought aside.
I suppose Id better be getting back? Then he went to call upon his friend Piglet to see what he thought about it. Youve got a good property here-a better one than I thought.


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#6 Jesse Jimmie

Jesse Jimmie


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Posted 06 June 2016 - 06:00 PM



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To Cluck or not to Cluck, that is the question...

#7 Riddikulus


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Posted 06 June 2016 - 06:07 PM

I forgot about this thread. Thanks J! I'll think about it some more.


In the meantime it ties in well with this one:




Pop culture is all about consumption. Whether you need it or not.




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#8 RottenApples


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Posted 07 September 2016 - 11:54 AM

Wasting ourselves in economic spiritualism. Reading through this reminds me of the clergy in the world. All sorts, all creeds. Giant schemes created in the name of god to enrich the powerful. Buy your indulgence to gain access to glory of god...without which you cannot walk freely upon this earth.

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