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Surveillance and Misinformation!

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Posted 02 July 2016 - 02:14 PM

Google My Activity shows everything that company knows about its users – and there’s a lot
The new site collects every website you’ve been on, everything you’ve searched and many of the things you’ve done with your phone

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Posted 31 August 2016 - 02:04 PM

DOD computer systems are provided for the processing of official U.S. Government information only. The system is monitored to ensure information security, system integrity, and the limitation of use to official purposes. Parts of this server are available for use by non DOD individuals. You may use any link that is not locked to you. (If the area is locked there will be a small padlock next to the link or you will receive an "access denied" error when attempting to follow the link). Your use of this system is subject to monitoring at all times. Unauthorized or illegal activities, involving this system, can result in criminal prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. 

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 01:19 AM

Old as sin, these techniques of mind control!  Confuse the thought process by selling fear and vice of every flavor imaginable.  Virtue is a commondity beyond value!  Veil it all behind a curtain of lies...




Ever hear about operation garden plot?


More here:  ISIS, the CIA and Guillotines: A Must Read!

More here:  State of Georgia: Bill to replace electric chair with guillotine

Death penalty; guillotine provisions:  Georgia House of Representatives - 1995/1996 Sessions HB 1274

Wake up Call on HB 1274

Connecting the Dots: Christian Beheadings, FEMA Camps and 30,000 Guillotines Stored in US Military Camps!



Here's a great on thread with lots of information:
Internet Psyops, Disinfo, Agents, Tactics, and Methods




Updated Internet Psyops, Disinfo, Agents, Tactics, and Methods MkII



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Posted 04 September 2016 - 01:19 PM

How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a Smartphone
For the last six years, the NSO Group’s main product, a tracking system called Pegasus, has been used by a growing number of government agencies to target a range of smartphones — including iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerry and Symbian systems — without leaving a trace.
Among the Pegasus system’s capabilities, NSO Group contracts assert, are the abilities to extract text messages, contact lists, calendar records, emails, instant messages and GPS locations. One capability that the NSO Group calls “room tap” can gather sounds in and around the room, using the phone’s own microphone.
Pegasus can use the camera to take snapshots or screen grabs. It can deny the phone access to certain websites and applications, and it can grab search histories or anything viewed with the phone’s web browser. And all of the data can be sent back to the agency’s server in real time.
What that gets you, NSO Group documents say, is “unlimited access to a target’s mobile devices.” In short, the company says: You can “remotely and covertly collect information about your target’s relationships, location, phone calls, plans and activities — whenever and wherever they are.”

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Posted 17 October 2016 - 08:55 AM


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Posted 05 November 2016 - 03:23 PM


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Posted 18 November 2016 - 04:52 AM

Is Webcam Spying Really a Threat?
Ten years ago the idea that people—be they government agents, hackers, or just law-breaking voyeurs—could actively spy on you through your computer’s webcam would be the considered the ramblings of a paranoid conspiracy theorist. A slew of news stories over the intervening years, however, have revealed that what was once considered paranoia is now an uncomfortable reality.
In 2009, a student sued his school when he discovered his school-provided laptop was secretly photographing him (the ensuing legal investigation revealed that the school had collected 56,000 photographs of students without their knowledge or consent). In 2013, researchers demonstrated that they could activate the webcam on MacBooks without the indicator light turning on, something previously considered impossible. A former FBI agent confirmed that not only was this possible but that they’d been doing it for years.
In 2013, courtesy of the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, we learned that the NSA had successful programs they used to gain backdoor access to the cameras on iPhones and Blackberries. In 2014, again courtesy of the Snowden leaks, we learned that the NSA has a host of tools at its disposal to remotely monitor users like “Gumfish”: a malware tool that allows for remote video monitoring via your webcam. In early 2015, a group known as BlackShades was broken up after it was discovered that the software they sold for $40 a pop had been used to give millions of purchasers remote access (including webcam access) to victims computers; that’s hardly a new trick though as old programs like Back Orifice were used in the same fashion back in the 1990s.
It’s Not Just the NSA
We want to emphasize the whole “hardly a new trick” bit and the ease with which even marginally skilled malicious users can gain access to your computer. This article over at Ars Technica, Meet The Men Who Spy On Women Through Their Webcams, is an unsettling account. The majority of people doing the spying aren’t government agents, but low-tier hackers that use simple tools to catalog and monitor all the devices a computer may have access to.
So before you shrug your shoulders and say, “Well the NSA doesn’t care about my boring life, so it doesn’t matter,” understand that while we might all find allegations of government spying the most troubling on a global and intellectual level, the majority of actual webcam spying is carried out by creepy Peeping Toms.
So the short of it is: yes, webcam spying is a real threat. When everyone from the spooks at the NSA to the kid next door has access to tools that can turn a webcam against its owner then the threat is legitimate.
What Should I Do?
How to Disable Your Webcam (and Why You Should)

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Posted 18 November 2016 - 05:49 AM

Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman), a Soviet KGB defector, explains in detail his scheme for the KGB process of subversion and takeover of target societies at a lecture in Los Angeles, 1983.
Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB propagandist who was assigned to New Dehli, India - and defected to the West in 1970.
Bezmenov explains his background, some of his training, and exactly how Soviet propaganda is spread in other countries in order to subvert their teachers, politicians, and other policy makers to a mindset receptive to the Soviet ideology.
He also explains in detail the goal of Soviet propaganda as total subversion of another country and the four-step formula for achieving this goal. 

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Posted 21 November 2016 - 07:48 PM



Yeah right!




Surveillance does kill free speech...



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Posted 27 November 2016 - 07:12 PM




US spy operation that manipulates social media



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