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Surveillance and Misinformation!

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#71 status - Ghost Rider

status - Ghost Rider
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Posted 11 January 2018 - 04:00 PM


How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a Smartphone
For the last six years, the NSO Group’s main product, a tracking system called Pegasus, has been used by a growing number of government agencies to target a range of smartphones — including iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerry and Symbian systems — without leaving a trace.
Among the Pegasus system’s capabilities, NSO Group contracts assert, are the abilities to extract text messages, contact lists, calendar records, emails, instant messages and GPS locations. One capability that the NSO Group calls “room tap” can gather sounds in and around the room, using the phone’s own microphone.
Pegasus can use the camera to take snapshots or screen grabs. It can deny the phone access to certain websites and applications, and it can grab search histories or anything viewed with the phone’s web browser. And all of the data can be sent back to the agency’s server in real time.
What that gets you, NSO Group documents say, is “unlimited access to a target’s mobile devices.” In short, the company says: You can “remotely and covertly collect information about your target’s relationships, location, phone calls, plans and activities — whenever and wherever they are.”





Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman), a Soviet KGB defector, explains in detail his scheme for the KGB process of subversion and takeover of target societies at a lecture in Los Angeles, 1983.
Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB propagandist who was assigned to New Dehli, India - and defected to the West in 1970.
Bezmenov explains his background, some of his training, and exactly how Soviet propaganda is spread in other countries in order to subvert their teachers, politicians, and other policy makers to a mindset receptive to the Soviet ideology.
He also explains in detail the goal of Soviet propaganda as total subversion of another country and the four-step formula for achieving this goal. 




Laws take time to process. Technology speeds by like a thief in the night. The question is who owns the tech? The entities involved get to regulate how it's used. The guidelines and codes of conduct are written behind closed doors within the private sector. These entities live in a different world of law that most common men and women are not aware of. They enjoy more rights and privileges associated with an upper tier of social existence. Quantified by data collection, its storage, and who gets ultimate access beyond the meta zone.




"Gentlemen do not read each others' mail." 
Henry Stimson






The Soviets weren't the only ones to use these techniques against a society. These are tried and true methods to gain ascendancy in any form of government. Ask Machiavelli. 




There is so much to consider. What is the 'real' reality? This thread provides all kinds of information regarding the massive privacy issues facing our country today. This massive techno machine has the potential to keep tabs on everyone in so many ways. 


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#72 status - Under the Dome

status - Under the Dome
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Posted 11 January 2018 - 04:24 PM

FISA and net neutrality go hand in hand.

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