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China & India know about UFO bases!

UFO China India underground bases

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Posted 11 August 2015 - 06:26 PM

China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates

Kongka La is the low ridge pass in the Himalayas (the blue oval in the map). It is in the disputed India-China border area in Ladakh. In the map the red zone is the disputed area still under Chinese control in the Aksai Chin area. The Chinese held northeastern part is known as Aksai Chin and Indian South West is known as Ladakh. This was where Indian and Chinese army fought major war in 1962. The area is one of the least accessed area in the world and by agreement the two countries do not patrol that part of the border. According to many tourists, Buddhist monks and the local people of Ladakh, Indian Army and Chinese Military maintain the line of control. But there is something much more serious happening in this area.

More here

Same kind of stories all over the world.  Underground bases human or otherwise are interesting to research into.  People have been digging into the earth for thousands of years.  Makes one wonder just how extensive the underground structure of the world is.  Imagine an underground network of tunnels connecting cities all across the world.


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#2 Digger


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Posted 12 August 2015 - 11:36 AM

There's all kinds of legends of catastrophe in history where people had to go underground for safety.  Ever been down in a catacomb?
According to the Ancient Greeks there were caverns under the surface which were entrances leading to the underworld, some of which were the caverns at Tainaron in Lakonia, at Trozien in Argolis, at Ephya in Thesprotia, at Herakleia in Pontos, and in Ermioni.  
In Thracians and Dacians legend it is said that there are underground chambers occupied by an ancient God called Zalmoxis.  In Mesopotamian religion there is a story of a man who, after traveling through the darkness of a tunnel in the mountain of "Mashu", entered a subterranean garden

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Posted 20 July 2016 - 01:41 PM

I don't know about the UFO bases kind of stuff. But I do know underground cities and structures of all sorts have been around for thousands of years. I've heard legends of an underground highway that traverses the whole United States. Along with plenty of subterranean holding pens for all sorts of resources. 

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Posted 20 July 2016 - 01:45 PM

I built my own bomb shelter using a few shipping containers. I'm ready for doom to strike anytime!

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