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How to Orchestrate a Murder

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status - Polychromatic Glitter
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Posted 02 September 2018 - 05:38 PM

rainbow mornings are nice. this one begins with southern thunder lifting the clouds like a loud windy movement of sonic booming. waking even the roosters before the morning crow. 
the lightning was illuminating the pre dawn sky like flickers of consciousness. just before waking from a dream. a light shower of rain came along with all the clouds. falling with graceful dignity with the wind. giving more movement and style to the canvas in the pre morning sky. each drop a soul of being in an ocean of spirit. raining down upon the earth to feed the well being of all. 
sparking quickly the sun begins its slow rise. the wind is acknowledging its presence with a new vigor. it brings along the blue sky as it begins its travels across the sky. the thunder blows its booming again and the wind moves the rain away showing more blue sky as the giant ball of gleaming light gives forth its shining power. sheets of misty rain are still falling with the clouds as it moves leaving a hole in the sky reflecting the colors from the light of the sun. 
slowly the rainbow appears and a new morning is made clean and clear...
but the thunderous clouds still linger about. letting everyone know how life begins with a sound and then the light...
...illuminating the droplets of water...
...giving forth wondrous color...
every animal is awake by now. they all see it. three egrets make their morning flight across the heart of the rainbow. a single crow flies by sqawking a single note to the others letting them know all is well. of course, a few respond with a sqawk of their own. they're high in the trees as always. waiting for the sun. watching everything as usual. they're also enjoying the sight as the rainbow becomes clearer and more striking. as the sun rises and a few minutes more it becomes a complete arch across the bleu cheesy sky. reaching north and south to the far reaches of the earth itself. a magnificent double archway begins to form and the thunder claps again and again. loud with striking power the lighting begins to flash. all in synchronous tandem as the morning sky wakes the night with thunderous daylight applause. all moving with the new morning breeze.
the crows appreciated the scene as well. they began their cackle in single notes of pleasure to each other. some loud, some soft, some even almost a coo. then one of them cawed out several loud notes calling them all together. then like sudden lightning they all began to converse in doublets throwing in a triplet here and a single note there all for good measure. 
yes, they too were exhilarated by the scene...
...all the animals were...
...and so was I.
after a while a slow calm began to descend upon the cool grass. the breeze lessened its strength and the rain drops started to slow and finally stopped. leaving a gentle breathe of fresh air in its wake. with a slow drawl one cicada began its a new orchestra. others would follow along the line like a new wave of being. bzzzzz. first with a gentle tingle then projecting volume in a slow crescendo and slowly withdrawing like walking down an escalator of air.
ah well, time to walk upon the ground once again...
Good Morning!

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