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Fake News About 'Fake News'

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Posted 21 August 2018 - 07:48 PM

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Posted 24 August 2018 - 10:11 AM





There are people who like to do research and do blogs and forums of there own. Learning how to do that takes a bit of time and practice. What does this mean for some of the larger networks who publish ideas and stories of fiction? Is it a question of what a legitimate 'publisher' is? Do we need to re-define what 'fair use' editing and posting actually is. Much to learn in so many departments. What defines a publisher? Do 'special interest' stories on the weird and infamous count? Is your idea or POV in line with the larger entities rule of thought? All the policies we're beginning to see from above are starting to trickle down to the smaller news outlets. The book of faces won't let you market if you don't play ball.

maybe forums like this can be starting points for the 'next generation' forums. archives are still there. old schoolers are becoming editors and gathering in new talent and ideas. more connections and patterns coming through, more pieces of the puzzles coming together, informing and confusing at the same time.

cherry picking comes to mind. i think we all do this if research is involved. gather the bushel, sort out the best ones, put em in piles, and present them accordingly.

i think sites like this can shine brighter if they point the way towards others that do actually offer educational information. Education in this sense meaning to learn about the unknown.

Small theaters like this can be like a little conventions for smaller places to gather and shoot the sh*t...

IDK. just some thoughts about it all.

It Seems Thoughts are Valuable after all!

Too bad the world is in such a rush.

BTW, I don't think the world is so small after all.




We live in a society that doesn't provide its citizens with the time to study the deeper meanings that life can provide. So many of us have to scrape by just to keep our practical needs flowing. Unfortunatly, the media ethos doesn't provide any kind of foundational ethics except one of informed disinformation. Journalism has degraded much in its short lived current form. Its history is one of sensationalism. 
In my opinion the medium doesn't live up to its function to provide the public with decent, educational, and practical news for public individuals to build on for themselves. It seems to keep us all in thrall with filler gossip with absolutely so substance. No important issues such as education and infrastructure are discussed on the major stage. Nothing with any value except for its controllers who profit from the consumer mentality it all projects.

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Posted 21 September 2018 - 01:35 PM

Reading, writing, and rhetoric...

Journalism uses many fossilized expressions and formula to tell a story.
It seems these expressions turn into cliche far too often.
Leaving the author common place in a pre-scripted formula of story writing.
Like a container filled with authors of many shapes to tell a single narrative.
An organic program of formula driven 'software'.
Control the narrative and you control the perceptions.

50 shades of grey?


Bullshit, there's 204 more shades of grey between black and white. Totaling 256. (rithmatic)
Try and print a full picture with 50 shades and what do you get: A sandbox!

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