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Fake News About 'Fake News'

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Posted 06 June 2016 - 03:40 PM

Using Film to Teach Psychology: A resource of film study guides.

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Posted 17 July 2016 - 08:53 AM



Where I come from they renamed the Beast into the Brain. Some of the old data collectors still share the banned cartoons. Brain hasn't confiscated all censored material yet. BTW, guns are not allowed except for the black uniformed men. They act like psycho Judge Dredd on steroids. Those are required enhancers for that class of citizen.


Among others? 


PharmFood Corp runs our daily allotments. 


The Brain knows everyones statistics. 




Casted lab rats!





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Posted 20 October 2016 - 01:25 PM

This kind of subject is of great interest to me. More on manipulation here - concerning photography:






And this one. I guess the French failed in an attempt at manipulating their citizens...






Ethics indeed! Give me a break.


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Posted 23 November 2016 - 03:30 PM

Morals? What morals? It's all based on getting people to consume more ideas that promote a fake hyper reality. Buy into the latest propaganda and earn brownie points for a free flight plan. Getting people to spend more on things they don't need while keeping a person indebted. Feeding the greed with images designed to garner an emotional response. 

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Posted 05 December 2016 - 07:33 PM

The Media Performance Pyramid
In the wake of Brexit and Trump, 'mainstream' media have done the formerly unthinkable by focusing on media bias. The intensity of focus has been such that the Oxford Dictionaries have announced that 'post-truth' is their 'Word of the Year 2016'.
'Post-truth' refers to 'circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief'.
Students of 'brainwashing under freedom' will notice that this bears a striking resemblance to 20th century US policy advisor Reinhold Niebuhr's insistence on the use of 'emotionally potent over-simplifications' to control the public mind. It's nothing new, in other words.
Is Pentagon Really Making Fake Terrorist Videos?
A website calling itself the Free Thought Project (1), citing sources in the British media, and a site called the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported on what seems to be a Pentagon secret operation against Al Qaeda during the height of the Iraq War.
The United States military is alleged to have paid a British PR firm called Bell Pottinger to produce fake Al Qaeda videos that would be recorded on specially-formatted CDs. The CDs would be left lying around in homes that the American military had raided to be picked up and viewed by terrorists and their sympathizers.
The purpose of the operation was two-fold. First, the videos were supposed to cast Al Qaeda in a bad light, to impress on those watching them the evil inherent in the organization.
Second, the videos were formatted only to be run on players connected to the Internet. When someone played the video, American intelligence monitors would be alerted to the location of the person or persons watching them.
There's actually a lot more than five; this video could probably go on all day. There's a reason Secretary of State John Kerry said the Internet is making it harder to govern... because people have a lot more information at their fingertips and no longer have to rely solely on the mainstream media's establishment propaganda machine.

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Posted 06 December 2016 - 07:38 PM

Mostly the mainstream media seems like smoke and mirrors. Well dressed men and women all made up nice and glossy selling opinions by rote and script. Now begins the process of deciding what is 'real'. The big shows presented by the professionals all have to stick to a certain agenda created by the media heads. Nothing too REAL. Facts are used to perpetuate an opinion. Filling our heads with babbling bobble heads talking over one another telling us nothing of substance. The value it creates is artificial and distracting.  Consumption is the theme. These talking heads fill our minds and steer our emotions. Propelling them towards behaviors that might not be to good for the soul to handle. Leaving the public disillusioned by the constant barrage of arguments that go nowhere. Whilst behind the scene the ultimate producer harvests the cream all for its selves. 

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Posted 08 December 2016 - 03:03 PM

Some sites intentionally write false, humorous stories under the satire genre.A prime example is The Onion. Many people realize The Onion is a satirical publication. But if there's any doubt, it's pretty clear if you click on the site's "About Us" tab. The information there says, among other humorous bits, "The Onion now enjoys a daily readership of 4.3 trillion and has grown into the single most powerful and influential organization in human history," and, "The Onion uses invented names in all of its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized."
But many other fake news sites intentionally try to pass themselves off as real, either by never disclosing their satirical nature or hiding the disclosure deep within their website. Still others are just peddling false and salacious tales to drive traffic to their site and rake in ad revenue — something easy to do when social media allows the rapid spread of misinformation.
So how can you ensure you're not being bamboozled? We have 10 tips to get you started.

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Posted 10 December 2016 - 07:29 PM

It's all about controlling the 'news'. 
A radical change to that system is now coming — and it looks like one that Vladi­mir Putin and Qatar’s emir might well admire. An amendment quietly inserted into the annual National Defense Authorization Act by Republican House leaders would abolish the broadcasting board and place VOA, RFE/RL and other international news and information operations under the direct control of a chief executive appointed by the president. The new executive would hire and fire senior media personnel and manage their budgets.
The point of board governance was to prevent direct political interference in programming by the White House, State Department or other agencies. It was a guarantee that for decades has helped to attract journalistic talent to the broadcasting organizations, as well as listeners seeking reliable information. The board of governors had serious problems: Its members served part time, and not all took their duties seriously. But the system’s biggest flaw was remedied three years ago with the creation of a chief executive position.

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Posted 12 December 2016 - 05:46 PM

The insidious assumption behind the “fake news” accusations being flung far and wide by the fakestream media (CNN, NPR, WashPost, NYT, MSNBC, etc.) is that somehow the corporate media has a divine monopoly on “facts.”
If the corporate-run media really had some sort of divine monopoly on “facts,” then none of us would be able to find examples of laughably fake news on their websites, would we? Yet even the Washington Post has now been exposed for, if you can believe it, faking a news story about fake news!
Remember, censorship of important facts is another way the insidious corporate-run media lies to its misinformed viewers.
Hilarious videos of CNN staging fake locations, fake missile attacks and fake seafaring
CNN has forever used fakery, theatrics and false reporting to influence public opinion rather than report the news.
Search YouTube for terms like “CNN green screen” or “crisis actors” or “Sandy Hook” or “faked news” and you can spend hour and after watching clear examples of outlandish news fakery by the mainstream media. It doesn’t take long for any intelligent, clear thinking individual to realize the mainstream media has been faking the news for decades. CNN, in fact, can be best described as a “fake news theater organization” pretending to be engaged in legitimate journalism.

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 02:11 PM


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