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Donald Trump uses Sock Puppets

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Posted 14 August 2017 - 05:54 PM


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Posted 27 August 2017 - 02:59 PM

How An A.I. Donald Trump Is Making Twitter Great Again
As if the world needed more Donald Trump, a researcher at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has created an artificial intelligence algorithm that spews Trumpisms, 1000 characters at a time.
The neural network, called DeepDrumpf from John Oliver's bit on Trump's family name, trained on transcripts of Trump speaking at debates and interviews, generates 1,000-character chunks of text based on what it's read. The network's creator, post-doc Brad Hayes, then takes the best 140 characters and tweets them.
In the future, Hayes plans to automate the pruning and posting process so DeepDrumpf will be a real Twitter bot. Then, he says, it's on to the other candidates. By using speeches from the other candidates to make other bots, and then forcing each bot to each other's tweets, Hayes wants start an A.I. Twitter debate.
"If I can take all the speech data from the frontrunners, I can...have them talking over each other for the rest of eternity," Hayes says. "Or at least until the server shuts down."

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 02:34 AM

Yes. Its true. The aliens on Phobos told me so. I can tell you this because he is using a tried and true method to sell his own brand name. Of course, sock puppets are used. Alien grey puppets do many things for their overlords. Hierarchy of the archons lives on from ancient times. The giant gods of Olympus look down on the capitol sheep running to the edge of a mighty precipice. Just like the pigs of olden time. Panicking over the cliff of deathly hallow to sure exorcism. 



That's interesting. Explain more?



Explain? Explain what? To know that there are groups of aliens out there hell bent on destroying everything. They excel in the art of misdirection. More devious and cunning with hateful desire. The worst of it. Many other groups have there own versions of super enhanced DNA in their cell structures. Some by aerosol, others by pills, and still others with hypo shots. All absorbed on alien technology upgraded by the dish on a minutely quantitative exactness of ultimate collection. 


Many vines and many strains yielding both good fruit and bad fruit. 



Donald Trump has alien enhanced stereos implanted in him. He a phenom of charismatic power. His frequency flow with AI transformers gives is projecting power rate 10 times the normal output. Furthering the range of influence to deeper instances of inner time. An alien enhanced projector encased in a brand name. 




It's possible because Donald Trump gets the best enhancements there are. Secret DUMB laboratories buried deep in desert places do nothing but churn out variants of enhancers that really do work. Never to be consumed by zombies. No zombie ever gets to taste the fruits of life. The Phobian greens are the ones who oversee all transfer of magic tech for human engineers to double back track into something viable.
My own testing of super juices to enhance my muscular hormones are testament to the fact that alien enhanced fertilizers for gardening around the tree work with astounding results. Slamming it into the roots is the best way. It does a body good.




Donald Trump was unveiled by the gods holy design! Detailed with infallible accuracy. He has the mother of all the greatest DNA.




You see?! I told you so. Trump will disclose his alien connections. A super DNA implementation will be blasted into the air via the NASA connection. A nationally determined amount of captain underpants and the spelling bee will be introduced into the atmosphere....
More to come!



Must be true.


Fast forward to the 16 second mark..


Grey on POTUS Helicopter Video Snapshot




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