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#14586 Current Human Condition And Perceptions

Posted by chickensomething on 20 July 2018 - 12:10 AM

One cannot help but notice the utter madness of rhetoric found from extreme portions of human consciousness in the middle of 2018, our collective planetary "calendar" made by man himself. Funny how nobody questions how or why the common calendar number of July 19, 2018 exists anyway. We all owe this reality to the ancient Egyptians and later, the Romans using the Julian system.


Surprisingly some modern day demagogue hasn't declared this number null and void yet starting at nothing calling this the New Age. Indeed it certainly is on many levels as mankind or sorry, humankind evolves into something just not quite right. When will the vails of truth be transparent and our minds free of influences of distortion?


In the struggle of the human condition and its move into artificial influences proclaimed as technological advancement, we find ourselves losing track with basic truths. Far too many external influences mesmerize our complex brains into useless matter completely void of useful desires or endeavors. Most of us are just trying to survive in a World that can only be described as disturbed. 


There are many schools of thought to these basic ponderings all of which have profound distinctions. For advanced species to evolve there should be no question of basic realities and no motivations for manipulation. 


Perception has become a social distortion of the human condition. This begs the question of what forces are at work causing this, if any? 

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#12334 Once Upon A Time....

Posted by chickensomething on 04 November 2017 - 06:59 PM

This articles purpose is real and to hopefully might inspire somebody with the time and resources to do something about it.


Open-source code is embedded throughout all software. And since it interacts with other code and is constantly changing, it is not a set-it-and-forget-it deal. No software is static.
Last year we saw the consequences from this when a 28-year-old developer briefly “broke“ the internet because he deleted open-source code that he had made available. The drama occurred because the developer’s program shared a name with Kik, the popular Canadian messaging app, and there was a trademark dispute. The rest of the story is complicated but has an important takeaway: Our digital infrastructure is very fragile.
There are people so important to maintaining code that the internet would break if they were hit by a bus. (Computer security folks literally call this the “bus factor.”) These people are well-meaning but tired and underfunded. And I haven’t even gotten to the fact that hard-to-maintain code is precisely where security vulnerabilities reside (just ask Ukraine).
All this makes Y2K look like a picnic, especially since the magnitude of these issues is unknown. Individual companies have no idea how vulnerable they might be. And it may be slow-moving — systems slowly being corrupted without causing crashes that are visible. Finally, since open-source platforms have been built by a community that has relished its independence, the problems won’t be easy to fix using traditional commercial or governmental approaches.
There are pioneers who are working on the problem. Open Collective is providing resources to aggregate the needs of groups of open-source projects to assist in the financing, resourcing, and maintenance. Another organization, libraries.io, is doing a heroic job of indexing projects, including much-needed documentation and a map of relationships between projects. But none of these have support from the businesses most vulnerable to the issues.
When Y2K emerged, publicly listed companies were told to catalog their vulnerabilities and plans. The time has come again for markets (and perhaps regulators) to demand similar audits as a first step toward working out the magnitude of the problem. And maybe — just maybe — those corporations will find a way to support the infrastructure they are depending on, rather than taking it blindly as some unacknowledged gift. Every day is now Y2K.

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#12333 Once Upon A Time....

Posted by chickensomething on 04 November 2017 - 06:51 PM

Time does indeed heal all wounds. In this case, it opens them up wide. The reliance of the human race on computers will be our downfall. You would think the powers that be would have an old-time redundancy plan just in case all the power goes out. Much like the Pony express but much more refined. This is a no-brainer really but the World is so flat and connected any circular thinking becomes against the machine. Seen as a threat when in fact, it's just a rational precaution. 

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#12329 Once Upon A Time....

Posted by chickensomething on 04 November 2017 - 06:03 PM

For some reason, there are some serious discrepancies and omissions from Wikipedia (Go Figure) that are more than disturbing. We all take for granted there some guy or people in a room or building somewhere making sure the Internet time clock is absolutely precise. Many people do not realize how important and ultimately catastrophic a minor glitch in this "virtual clock" would cause on a global scale literally in a millisecond. You would think various news organizations would be all over this information, not to mention governments taking extreme measures to make sure the following does not happen.


Take this snippet from the Harvard Business Review article, for example:


Open-source code resides everywhere. If you’ve hired a software developer, their work most likely contained code from the open-source community. The same goes for software programs. Let me take my favorite example, the Network Time Protocol, or NTP. Invented by David Mills of the University of Delaware, it is the protocol that has been keeping time on the internet for over 30 years. This is important because all computer systems require reliable time — even more so if they communicate with one another. This is how stock exchanges timestamp trade. In a world of high-frequency trading, imagine if there was no agreement as to what that time was. Chaos would reign.

You might think that time is a pretty stable thing. But it’s not. What we call “time” changes over time. Different countries set their clocks back or move them ahead, and every so often we have a leap second event that requires everyone to recognize an extra second at the same time. To add to that, time must be kept down to the millisecond, which means the server that houses time has to operate very precisely.

Though it doesn’t mention Network Time Foundation by name, this perfectly describes the need for the foundation and what it does. Although the Average Joe and Jane rely on accurate time, they are not the people ensuring it is so. Someone has to keep the time. It’s a lot of work. Far too much work for one man, yes? But…

Now for the scary part. What if I told you that the entire NTP relies on the sole effort of a 61-year-old who has pretty much volunteered his own time for the last 30 years? His name is Harlan Stenn, he lives in Oregon, in the United States, and he is so unknown that he does not even appear on the NTP Wikipedia page.

While this isn’t completely accurate (other volunteers also contribute to the code and the project’s online infrastructure), it drives home the point. Network Time Foundation is funding NTP, but the President of the foundation – the main programmer of NTP – doesn’t even appear on the Wikipedia page! How are we supposed to bring in the level of funding necessary to support these vital projects if no one knows we exist?


Once upon a time, Network Time Foundation had a Wikipedia entry (It is no longer spoken or found on Wikipedia), but it was removed by Wikipedia moderators. We knew the importance of a Wikipedia entry, but we didn’t know it is a no-no to write the entry ourselves. Someone not affiliated with Network Time Foundation would need to write the Wikipedia entry on our behalf. Maybe that person is you?


Now imagine this monumental project receiving no funding or attention whatsoever. Either somebody has gone insane or there is a particular reason for this. You be the judge and do some research as every second counts, literally! 


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#11365 Humanity Wake Up Call From An Icon Of The Past

Posted by chickensomething on 01 September 2017 - 05:56 AM

This is a very profound speech that holds true today more than ever about the fading human condition. Charlie Chaplin was way ahead of his time. This YouTube Video really accentuates this brilliant speech from the "Great Dictator"



This was from 1940. Makes you wonder how people got so stupid over the last 77 years. Progress for humanity? I think not.



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#11313 A Progress Report on Charter Schools

Posted by chickensomething on 30 August 2017 - 01:46 AM

The next generation will have their hands full with all the problems we face today. It's about time quality education is coming back. Too bad the so called 'government' doesn't believe in educating its citizens. They'll be a price to pay when more people realize how much they have been lied to and stolen from.


The way the geopolitical landscape is unfolding, I doubt there will be a next generation if people don't slow down and begin to think beyond our current flawed society known as the human condition filled with hate and mendacity. We have the tools to look beyond ourselves and build a future of genius and peace. 


I doubt at any point in World history the planet has been so ignorant. 


I was homeschooled before I went to the garbage they called education back in the 1980s. Today education is paralyzed with agendas of doom and ignorance. I certainly wouldn't let my child learn from some misguided so called educator. 

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#2787 Chickensomething? Horrible Things Happening In Just One Day

Posted by chickensomething on 14 November 2015 - 08:41 AM

All happening just today November 13, 2015 Friday the 13th!
There was a 7.0 earthquake in Japan.
There’s a tsunami warning in parts of Japan because of it, too.
There was an earthquake in Mexico.
In Beirut, there were 2 suicide bombings and they killed 40+ people.
In Baghdad, there was a funeral that was bombed and at least 19 people were killed.
In Germany, there were 8 dead babies found in a flat.
There was a Ukrainian helicopter that crashed in Slovakia, and it killed 6 people.
In Paris, there was 1 bomb (that was assumed to have been a suicide blast).
In Paris, there were also 5 other explosions.
In Paris, there have been many shootings.
In Paris, over 60 people have been taken hostage.
In Paris, there are still uncaught gunmen.
In Paris, with all of what has happened, there have been at least 160 deaths, and the number keeps increasing.
In Missouri, 3 men were charged with confirmed terrorist threats.
Donald Trump said things against Ben Carson (but that’s politics, folks). But he crossed a line when he started comparing Ben Carson to a child molester (need I explain why we shouldn’t compare people to things such as a child molester, and how that normalizes such behavior- not only joking but literally, too?).
A guy on Twitter started making threats to kill children and Jews, and defied a judge’s orders to stop.
Because of the terrorist attacks in Paris, different locations and cities in Washington D.C., New York, and Massachusetts have upped the amount of police on duty, and the LAPD has, too.
On the Marist campus, there was a lockdown because of a threat a 16-year-old boy made.
The German football team revealed that just hours before the terrorist attacks in Paris, they had to evacuate the hotel they were staying in, in Paris, because of a bomb threat.
Cities with terrorist warnings: New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Rome, and Toronto.
With all that has been going on in the world- TODAY ALONE- it is quite scary.
So please, if you’re someone who prays, pray for the people that have been harmed, killed, maimed, threatened, physically or mentally hurt, or have feared for their life.
And no matter what you believe in, PLEASE find websites to make donations to and organizations to help these people in need.
If anyone has any links to make donations, knows anyone that has truly been affected by any of these things (if you’d like to share a link that they’d be fine with having shared, so that people can send them love, that would be great), or knows of any phone numbers for the people that need help because of any of these things, please post them here and comment on them.
We want as many people to feel safe and loved as possible. Anyone who has been threatened by these things or knows somebody going through any of these things, or whatever else, we want you to know that we (along with so many others) are here for you. 

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