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Police Use Device to Strip Money from Drivers’ Debit Cards

15 April 2017 - 03:22 PM

Police officers are using a new technology, called ERAD machines, to siphon funds directly from drivers' pre-paid cards in the course of ordinary traffic stops.


The tactic, which cops have deployed for months in states like Oklahoma, is a new twist in "civil forfeiture," a controversial legal process that lets police seize funds from motorists if they suspect money is tied to a drug crime. Critics, however, liken the practice to banditry—noting the police use forfeiture to pay themselves, and that citizens must take extraordinary legal measures to get their money back.


The controversy over civil forfeiture soared to national attention in 2013, in part thanks to a scorching New Yorker article called "Taken" that described how certain police departments are effectively using traffic stops to rob citizens of cash. Comedian John Oliver also took up the subject in a widely-watched 2014 episode of Last Week Tonight.


Most of the incidents arise in so-called "forfeiture corridors" in states like Texas and Pennsylvania, where police officers confiscate cash from motorists, even though many of them were using the cash for legitimate small businesses or personal matters.


Typically, the police do not even bother filing a criminal drug charge, but instead just bring a forfeiture case to keep the cash. In the event the motorist who once held the cash wants to recover it, he or she is required to intervene in the case, the time and cost of retaining an attorney and attending court is often not a viable option. The cops win almost every time.




Even though the article states they don't hit cards with actual bank accounts it's only a matter of time before they do. The door has already been opened. What concerns me even more is other criminal elements getting their hands on this technology. I bet they're drooling for it. It's conceivable a resourceful hacker could augment the machine to scan all kinds of cards.


How Psychopaths Manipulate and Deceive

20 October 2016 - 02:49 PM

Dangerous Mind Games: How Psychopaths Manipulate and Deceive


We’ve all been burned by psychopaths largely because we fell for their lies and their lines.  The better informed people are with their techniques of deception, the more they can recognize them and protect themselves against them. A psychopath gets you within his power largely through deception. As Cleckley noted in The Mask of Sanity, the main reason why people are easily taken in by their lies is not because the lies themselves are that convincing, but because of the psychopaths’ effective rhetorical strategies. What are those?  




Does this mean all politicians and media mongers are psychopaths. They use rhetorical fallacies quite well. Perfectly professional and well practiced techniques used to deceive us all.

UFOs and the Cover-ups Revealed

24 September 2016 - 03:41 AM

UFO Videos


Astronauts, generals, top officials reveal major UFO cover-up in this UFO video




Part 2 of Out of the Blue




It's hard to ignore the many reports and conspiracy concerning this UFO subject matter. Something is out there. What? I cannot say. I just don't know!

Trolls from the Trollosphere

30 July 2016 - 11:43 AM


100 Plus Types and Examples of Internet Trolls





The link on this post is quite informative. So I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread on it. The link it provided gives information on over 100 different types of trolls and their expected behaviors. Reading through it it reminded me of what a writer does when coming up with characters for a novel. Plus, all the different kinds of characterizations of behaviors a troll can manifest when selling an agenda or a product.


Using several different kinds of trolls together in a script format is a common framework. Kind of like writing a novel. What characters created are actually 'felt' by the authors of them? If one is not careful a troll can become real inside the person creating them. They could come back and haunt you like the monster did to Dr. Frankenstein.


It also helps in a psychotically sense (if you really want to look inside yourself). How many of the listed troll behaviors do you manifest? Can you get into a 'character behavior' and sell the product? Depends on the product doesn't it?


What about those who shill and troll forums for a living? They have to be proficient character writers. Able to 'be' the part, so to speak. Sort of like what a method actor learns to express emotion on a believable level. Shills and trolls bought and paid for by companies of industry to sell a product and follow a given script. Teams of the them pushing spam on a personal level. Bot Trolls can do the same. Some are quite good!


Here's another question (on some sites one would be banned for asking it...others? not so much): Good Moderators on forums are great at creating characters for the forums they participate in. Good standing members do the same. They trolley their trolls together and travel the cyber tracks training together to form skits of tragedy, doom, gloom, fantasy, fun, comedy, drama, etc, etc., etc.,


Those with the skills create more than one account and script agendas either for fun or purpose. Its a wise thing to learn the techniques of logical fallacy. The linked article(s) on troll behavior helps to expand the definitions incorporated within logical fallacy by showing some practical and not so practical examples.


All in all, I guess it's best to be a little wary of the trolls and what they do. The negativity associated with their company can be quite harmful. Knowing their techniques and tools is important in helping individual people to decide for themselves what is real and what is fantasy. Be careful what you believe in. The trolls know and they exploit your wants and needs to sell, sell, sell....




With all that in mind I'm going to try and use some of the examples from the article and illustrate them with meme's, gifs, and images for your entertainment and education.

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