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How to Orchestrate a Murder > The Magical Mnemonic Meme

Posted 02 October 2016

Memes are great for pointing out logical fallacies...Especially the ones involving strawmen throwing red herrings to the crowds. 
Memes can provide a means of helping people to understand each other. They offer a way to incorporate definitions of logical fallacies. Helping us to identify the different devices used against the ignorant. 

How to Orchestrate a Murder > Thomas is a Paine in the Ass!

Posted 16 September 2016

The Madness of King George the III.  How much of the total national economy was devoted to fighting the wars during his reign? How many of his subjects became indentured and sent to the colonies? Seems as if his subjects were treated like currency to serve a wider and more wicked purpose other than that of the Monarch. Who's soul authority is suppos...

How to Orchestrate a Murder > The Sounds of Music

Posted 03 September 2016

Today, using computers, anyone can create beats and sounds. Mixing them together with layered digital perfection. Polished and pure with tuned perfection. Cutting and pasting rhythmic patterns to hypnotize our minds with dancing waves of emotion. 
This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately its commercial aspect using basic song structures with...

How to Orchestrate a Murder > The Gravitas of the Star System

Posted 02 August 2016

The recent rhetoric performed by the major media has intrigued me. I thought I would share a bit of it to indulge new curiosities and stimulate new thoughts that can perhaps generate new ideas... 
What exactly is a gold star family? Are there silver star families? What about bronze, red, green, orange, and the like... 
Does this mean there is an...

How to Orchestrate a Murder > A Concern on Waste Management

Posted 31 July 2016

Years and years people have been complaining of waste running down the rivers in America. Doing some research in my own state reveals much behind the curtain of politics we all face today. The great show on the major media hardly touches the real concerns facing the infrastructure of our country today. At least Trump implies rebuilding America. What does...

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