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The 'Drink Of The Gods'

Pulque is the stuff of legend. The frothy white beverage predates the arrival of the Spanish by at least 1,500 years; it’s the ancient ancestor of mescal and tequila. All three drinks come from the same family of plants but pulque is made by fermenting – as opposed to distilling – the sap of maguey, or agave.

The maguey plant can take eight to 12 years to reach maturity and produce sap, or aguamiel – literally honey water. Fermentation starts almost immediately after the plant is cut and the aguamiel begins to run; the beverage continues to ferment – and become more alcoholic – as it makes its way down your throat. It’s usually between 2 per cent and 8 per cent alcohol but tends toward the lower end of the spectrum.

For some Indians of the central highlands, pulque was once at the centre of their religion and the cure for just about everything – from diabetes and intestinal problems to sleep disorders. (Pulque is reportedly a great source of probiotics, protein and various vitamins and minerals.)



The Aztec Legend of the Agave and Tequila

The Aztecs believed that when the earth began there was a goddess in the sky. She was called Tzintzimitl but she was an evil goddess and she devoured light. She had the earth in darkness and forced the natives to do human sacrifices in order to give them a little light.

One day Quetzalcoatl, the 'Feathered Serpent," was tired of this treatment and he decided to do something about it.

Quetzalcoatl believed in honor so he ascended to the sky to fight the evil goddess Tzintzimitl and he started to look for her. He did not find the goddess but instead found her granddaughter, Mayahuel, who was kidnaped by the evil goddess. Mayahuel is the goddess of fertility, she was often portrayed as the goddess with four hundred breasts.

When he found Mayahuel, he fell in love with her. Instead of killing the evil goddess, he brought Mayahuel down to earth to live with him.

When the evil goddess found out, she got extremely mad and started to look for them. So they were forced to run from one place to another to hide from her. One day they decided that because there was nowhere else to hide they would become trees. There were two trees, one beside the other one so that when there was wind their leaves could caress one another...




Tequila is a fascinating distilled spirit unlike any other and it is enjoyed throughout the world. Its unique taste, tight regulations and exotic flair give tequila an appeal that whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and brandy simply cannot touch. The process of making tequila is just as interesting as the liquor itself.

How tequila is made is a mystery to many drinkers. There are many myths that surround it and far too many drinkers have had a bad experience, so they shy away from it. However, once you learn the truth about tequila, get a look at its production and even give some of the good stuff a try, you may become a tequila believer.

It's true that tequila does deserve more respect than it often receives, so let's take a peek into the world of tequila before it becomes that margarita-ready spirit.




Saw that article and was also fascinated. What if T-Rex had big orange feathers?





Never mind the hair of the dog.


More like a bite from the apple!








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Ive thought a bit more about this now, but still cant see why they decare war on people who respect and admire their way of life. And I see no difference to the people on this site who are interested in and following Welsh traditions - are the Welsh complaining? I think not. BB


I do like the Welsh tradition of Eisteddfod. We're hoping to create our own little version here. Along with many different flavors...

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