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#10060 If I were the devil...

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 12 June 2017 - 02:16 PM

Nice find OP.



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#9904 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 02 June 2017 - 03:56 PM




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#9733 Rhetorical Devices Used in Literary Logic

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 24 May 2017 - 02:13 PM


Allegory is a wonderful way to tell a story. They're used for stories that teach ideas and principles. Usually with a moral outlook. Allegory is often confused with symbolism. Allegory includes actions and characters to stand in for ideas. Symbols don't tell a story. An example would be Plato's cave story: it tells how some people stand in ignorant chains and others see the light. Allegory allows people to express layers of meaning within there own stories. 
A literary example of allegory would be "Animal Farm", by George Orwell. 
“All animals are equal but a few are more equal than others.”



Symbolism uses ideas and aspects to designate deeper and more significant meaning within its structure. Using all kinds of objects such as animals, plants, colors, and material articles of all kinds. Pictures and writing using allegory, metaphors, and similes are used to express symbolic ideas.


Symbolism offers a way to communicate with double meaning. The literal self evident portrait and the symbolic one which contains a more profound meaning or action.









Therefore you are a chicken. Isn't that something?







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#9589 Regarding Copy Pasta

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 17 May 2017 - 12:57 PM

i love copypasta. its the laziest way to post thread and engage in conversation, if the article warrents it


Yup. Gotta have something to talk about at the water cooler. I usually go and cherry pick the ones that interest me the most and go from there.

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#9588 blacklisted has arrived

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 17 May 2017 - 12:53 PM

Nice to see you around Blacklisted. We're small here. I come around most days to see what's going on. Sweep around the coop to keep it clean. Do the chores to make sure everything is running.





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#7990 Some changes and house work

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 01 November 2016 - 06:14 PM

Ha! I know you got Easter eggs hiding somewhere.




Where are they?!!!!!



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#7559 Trolls from the Trollosphere

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 16 October 2016 - 11:11 AM

Tips for spotting trolls on the bigger forum stages...


Here's is a little guide on how to spot them as soon as possible mitigating their overall infestation period. Both complete fabrication and truths are very transparent and easy to spot. Some people love to spread lies therefore using this board and others for their own selfish agenda. We ask that you keep the following in mind when reading a new thread or post from any kind of social website.
If you feel a particular thread or post is suspect, first look at a board member's profile and see how many posts they have made thus far and how long they have been a member. This information reveals a lot. For example, if somebody is posting about something that happened on the board months or years prior then they are obviously a previously banned member. This also holds true if they make reference to a long time board member who might have a reputation for one thing or another. These are obvious "Freudian slips" which can easily reveal everything. Please report such instances immediately and they shall be dealt with immediate banning. Some of the smaller forums may take a little time in this.
If a first time or relatively new member make a series of replies to specific threads in a short period of time all with basically negative or even hateful remarks, this is an obvious troll. Please report this piece of trash as soon as possible. They won't be around that much longer and this is the only case when all posts are removed from the database.
More creative and probably the most pathetic are the ones who put up facade by establishing a misguided trust in order to gain advanced membership. Then they will engage in more clever methods of trolling posting threads designed to insight hateful debate or even political in nature. These members overall intent are both destructive and selfish in nature. This category of individual is dealt with in a rather nebulous and thoughtful manner certainly on a case by case basis. We appreciate the insight and reports received from various board members in the past and we hope you continue to help us weed these people out.
There are obvious variations of the above but this pretty much covers how to spot something that should be irradiated as quickly as possible. This is paramount in keeping all forums and chatrooms as friendly and helpful as possible. Sure we all have bad days and aren’t in the mood for certain redundancies.



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#6975 Some changes and house work

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 08 September 2016 - 11:58 AM

1 2 3 4 testing.....1 2 3 4 testing!

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#6825 Spelling words with filters

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 31 August 2016 - 02:38 PM

Words are powerful. They cast spells of intrigue within our minds. Causing our imaginations to filter bias for others to control. Carrying ideas forward and even backward. Definitions are layered. Merriam-Webster isn't the only dictionary the world uses to define their spells.


This site does have a word filter plugin. From time to time we reserve the right to play with it. Some words may change their colour from time to time. We're going to leave it pretty loose for now just to see what happens. Leaving the reader to define their own meanings from what they see.


After all, the first ammendment is for everyone. If you say something 'offensive' you should be willing to take any blowback offered. Using flowery words to get your point across is the goal. Choice vulgarity can be educational. Violent threats and doxxxing will not be tolerated.


"Words be nimble, words be quick. Words resemble walking sticks. Plant them and they will grow. Watch them waver so!"




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#6458 Regarding Copy Pasta

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 20 July 2016 - 02:48 PM

It's OK to post bits from articles from other sites. How else does a forum facilitate decent discussion? Just post less than 50% of what you find and site all sources.


Original postings and thoughts are welcome at all times.

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#5368 Improve Your Memory with Mnemonic Devices

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 18 May 2016 - 12:19 PM




A good vocabulary mnemonic is by grouping synonyms of words together. Build on that and include their antonyms.


Vocabulary. I'm glad you brought that one up. All I remember from the classroom environment is memorizing words in alphabetical order. Definitions and spelling. Lot of good it did me. I forgot most of what they taught me in those days. Chunking synonyms together would have made it easier to remember definitions.

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#4749 Giving the Game Away

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 06 March 2016 - 01:05 PM

We could mention some of the nefarious selling procedures practiced by the cell phone companies. Always pushing the bundles and getting people to sign contracts that lock them into cages filled with debt and more price increases along the way. These contracts only ever work one way. To benefit the seller. Nevermind the inside theft and little discrepancies appearing with bonus' for the bigger fish. Tricking proxy holders into signing extra rewards to the sycophants just for doing their jobs. Cooking for accountants 101...

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#4745 Giving the Game Away

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 06 March 2016 - 10:31 AM

Divulging the inner scandal...


Giving the Game Away

Employer policies for employees to scam customers.

How much do people really sell themselves for the paycheck? What do employers make people do to sell more product or to cut costs in keeping profits high for the shareholders? Little jobs, big jobs, does it matter. What have you done to cheat a customer on behalf of the company you work for? Have you ever done a task for your employer that went against the grain of your own moral convictions?

Whistle blowers are welcome! Tell all. Tell us about how old spoiled meat left out in the open is added to the chili and how corn starch is thrown in to add fake consistency. Feel free to anonymously vent your frustrations on dishonest business practices. All kinds and colors are welcome. Who forces politicians to sign bills and resolutions without reading them? Any corporate Vice Presidents willing to give up uncouth trade practices? Teachers! Inform the public on what makes it difficult for you to perform your calling. Fast food workers! Tell us the dirty shortcuts our favorite restaurants achieve to help maximize their profits. Any upper management people? Give it up. Tell us the wicked and profane.

What goes beyond the limit of money changing and power profiteering!

Should an employee be loyal to dishonest practices? Pushing products while spinning lies of artificial certitude? How many brokers lie, cheat, and misinform their clients to get the big sale?



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#4363 Useful and Free Software

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 01 February 2016 - 08:25 PM

Thank you for the pin!





Welcome!  In fact, looks like it might be good for a perma pin!


B)  B)  B)






Those are always good. Little sites that offer simple links to stuff. This link is nice in looking for specific task minded software...
Windows Download Hubs
Download Hubs help you to easily and quickly find software that performs a specific task. But here's the twist: we won't just recommend the "best apps ever" and force you to take our word for it.
Instead, our editors create a list of hand picked software titles that can accomplish the task and you can make a choice based on your own criteria.



That one is really good! A task criteria driven search engine.  Nice!



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#3373 Esoteric Teachings in Churches & Cathedrals

Posted by Jesse Jimmie on 14 December 2015 - 11:39 AM

Gothic cathedrals are an excellent example of hiding in plain sight. The cathedrals, with their “spiritual architecture”, where gravity is seemingly overcome by the flying buttresses externally, and where walls through architecture seem dissolve into light to allow the visible manifestation of the power of god to penetrate the building as it penetrates the soul... These buildings seem to defy gravity, great masses of stone soaring upward, yet seemingly as light as air, giving us a psychological lift from earth-like mind to heaven-like mind.

The word “religion” stems from Latin religare , which means to tie up (ligare) once again, for the second time (re) .

On one hand, the mystery of existence and the harmony of the universe arouse in man to a natural and genuine feeling of awe, which man expresses through spontaneous prayers. On the other hand, some behaviours – rituals and ritual prayers – were codified by a group of men – the sacerdotal class. The priest is a professional figure, a ‘pontiff', an intermediary between earth and heaven. The word stems from Latin pontifex , which means pontem facere , to build a bridge.

The temporal power vested this class with the job of organizing such behaviours and to oversee the relevant performance by the laity. I will call “religiosity” the former and “religion” the latter.

We know that, during ancient times, it often happened that religion conflicted with religiosity. The religious hierarchy trying to overlay the faith, religiosity, for some purposes, which cannot be considered as spiritual. This practice is called religio instrumentum regni , religion as a means of ruling; spirituality then necessarily withdrew itself, far from danger, being content to speak to those few men who had “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”



A proverb says that if one wishes to hide a tree, he has to put it in the wood, not in the desert, or, as Edgar Allan Poe noted in The Purloined Letter, the best place to hide something is in plain view. No wonder, therefore, that religiosity's voice can be still heard in catholic churches, especially in the Gothic ones, despite 2,000 years of religio instrumentum regni .


The Meanings of Esoteric Symbolism in Valencia Cathedral

Latin Cross




Star of David




Mary Madonna and oval

One of the most striking images in Valencia Cathedral is the Mary Madonna stain glass window encased in an oval, the shape of an egg symbolising the birth of creation.




All-Seeing eye


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