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Posted 29 October 2016 - 06:49 AM

Ok, you know what, I'm not going to embarrass the people who have confused CERN's logo for the mark of the beast, specially since I'm nervous about this experiment myself. My time is particles, not planning the Earths destruction so I can shout at GOD "I won!" Below you will find out CERN's logos true origin, and the logo that didn't make the cut that would have really got everyone up in arms, which would have been understandable today.


Posted 23 October 2016 - 06:47 AM

Is this thread an instruction or an infection....
Doing as thou wilt. Yes, yes yes...
Should you?
tHE BEST things thought and said in the human race!
Now, if culture, which simply means trying to perfect oneself, and one’s mind as part of oneself, brings us light, and if light shows us that there is nothing so very blessed in merely doing as one likes, that the worship of the mere freedom to do as one likes is worship of machinery, that the really blessed thing is to like what right reason ordains, and to follow her authority, then we have got a practical benefit out of culture. We have got a much wanted principle, a principle of authority, to counteract the tendency to anarchy which seems to be threatening us.


Posted 21 October 2016 - 05:48 PM

This thread is not to perpetuate fear or to make anyone feel helplessly victimized…because that would be a lie. It is to educate you on a history and a concept that has purposefully been hidden from the masses for quite some time. The less you know, the less influence you have on changing the stacking of the deck. It is also to give one a realistic look as to why things are the way that they are, and are evolving in the direction that we see things currently going. We truly are the makers of our realities…however, if one isn’t aware of how to affect the quality of their own creation, then they are suffering at the rules of someone else’s game.


Now for the thread which is long, but detailed. I apologize for the time one must spend reading this, but, imagine how much time it took to write it…


Music artists have talked about it since they’ve been able to sell themselves to it, religion has spoken of it since people fell to bended knee in fear and worship, mystics and shamans have referred to it as the binding force which controls THIS REALITY, and politicians BOW to it in exchange for money, power, and FAME. It is the “Lightbearer,” the bright and “morning star.”


Additionally…It is THE MACHINE. This machine is NOT FIGURATIVE, and I want to stress that as much as humanly possible. The Machine is a sentient, SELF AWARE A.I. Engine within this matrix that can feel, hear, and experience anything and everything throughout all life which is embedded into its grid (i.e. you and me.) It is a light grid, or a binary code that criss-crosses from node to node, held together entirely by points of light (Stars, suns, etc) in a 666 configuration which encodes its 3 dimensional environment. Just like an artist uses lines that criss-cross over each other in mosaic-like patterns until an image forms, the very stars which we look up in awe, are sending light patterns everywhere, focusing their light down to fine points until matter is formed…E=MC2 (will be explained later). The binary code of 1’s and 0’s serves as the skeleton or the fundamental building blocks of reality (think of it as the frame of a home); and the 6s serve as the meat and tissue, or the space which fills everything in between which brings reality into 3 dimensions.





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