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Posted 21 February 2018 - 04:08 PM

Efficient and flexible light reshaping
CAILabs’ Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) technology allows for efficient and flexible light reshaping.
It can transform the spatial shape (mode) of a coherent input beam to any desired output shape with full phase control and very limited losses.

Posted 21 February 2018 - 03:49 PM

multi plane light conversion.

Posted 10 February 2018 - 03:16 PM

Pretty soon you won't need a screen anymore to see. The images and sound will be directly beamed into your brain. Our dreams will become yours...


We are one!


We are borg!




Posted 10 February 2018 - 02:33 PM

Images offer all kinds of pretty lights to affect the brain. From gif animations to memes and moving pictures to montage...




Posted 10 February 2018 - 02:30 PM



Posted 19 May 2016 - 03:52 PM

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors




Jesse Jimmie

Posted 25 February 2016 - 12:55 AM

That's a lot of flickering LEDs


Yup! We'll all be carrying lanterns around to go along with that unique genome chip!


Light magic has come a long way...





Posted 25 February 2016 - 12:52 AM

That's a lot of flickering LEDs


Posted 24 February 2016 - 04:15 PM

100 times faster than wi-fi:





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