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Posted 16 July 2018 - 09:07 PM

Proposed Food Stamp Cuts Would Hit Military Families
Young soldiers on food stamps...
Makes me wonder what they'll be on when they're old.

Posted 16 July 2018 - 08:36 PM


Posted 11 July 2018 - 07:15 PM



Posted 12 June 2018 - 07:36 PM

Actually, I like using products that look as real as possible. The usual tricks are just close cropping and fancy eye candy. Facefeeders & gigglers usually require less text and more flash. Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it safe...






You can use the same tools and more with ideas too! Twitter makes sure your texting 'fits' a certain parameter. How many symbols or less?

Just right for copy write.






Posted 12 June 2018 - 07:23 PM

The Art of Deceptive Advertising: Quick Review of False & Misleading Tricks Used In Ads

If you drool over that gleaming pure honey flowing over steamy mashed potato you’ve seen on TV, hold your horses. You’re likely salivating over motor oil and freshly microwaved wet tampon placed behind the potato. These are some of the common techniques used by ad people to make products more visually tantalizing in advertisements. Other deceptive tricks used in ads include:

– Use of hairspray to make fruits and vegetables appear fresh
– Replacing actual ice cream with mashed potato for a more solid appearance
– Putting antacids to create fizzle in soda

To show the disparity between ads and actual products, we reviewed an infographic that compares the fake shoot and real product of popular food, hotel and fashion brands. Our software reviews show that alarmingly, the actual items look a lot different from their ads.

Sometimes the fake out is funny especially in hotels and resorts. For example, an ad shows an infinity pool using a low angle, but in truth, the pool is more like an oversized jacuzzi. You’ll find more hilarious if not annoying hotel ads reviewed in the infographic.

You’re also probably familiar with the extensive “photoshopping” of makeup or fashion models until they appear emaciated humans who barely resemble normal beings.

If you think these little trade tricks are harmless or at least irritating because you’ve been had, the American Medical Association thinks they have serious consequences. In their review they suggest these ads of unrealistic body images are linked to eating disorders and “other child and adolescent health problems.”

We have regulations that monitor fake advertising in the US, but clearly, we need more as many companies come up with B2B advertising ideas that really exploit the viewers and create a false image of a product. In the meantime, big and small companies owe it to the American consumers, the lifeblood of their business, to only show ads that truly represent their product or service.



Posted 12 June 2018 - 07:05 PM



Visuals offer soooo much more...




Actually, I like using products that look as real as possible. The usual tricks are just close cropping and fancy eye candy. Facefeeders & gigglers usually require less text and more flash. Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it safe...





Posted 23 May 2018 - 12:43 PM





Visuals offer soooo much more...



Posted 22 May 2018 - 06:44 PM

A clear and concise blog on this subject:

Intuitive Consumer Blog

Random ruminations on neuromarketing science, application, and practices.



Watch out for the Buffets...


Buffalo stampede at the buffet! 'Greedy' tourists mocked after video shows them climbing over each other to shovel food onto their plates at a buffet in Thailand

    The behaviour of a group of Chinese tourists has been heavily criticised
    Video shows them using plates as shovels to gather food at Thai buffet
    One woman took four full plates, other left to pick with their hands
    Staff were shocked when much of the food had to be carried away, uneaten
    Uploaded to Facebook on Saturday and has amassed millions of views
    For the latest news from Thailand visit www.dailymail.co.uk/thailand

Read more: http://www.dailymail...hai-buffet.html




Posted 21 May 2018 - 07:13 PM

Risqué Coca-Cola Poster

Coca-Cola once recalled an advertising poster due to an overtly sexual image hidden within it.

This poster was released in the mid 80s and prompted a total recall of all posters because of the picture painted in ice-cubes at bottom right corner — a woman performing an act. The graphic artist who designed the picture put this in as a joke, and it went through unnoticed until someone spotted it on the back of a Coke truck. The artist lost his job and was sued, and all promotional material had to be recalled and destroyed. Very rare and hard to get hold of — released in South Australia in mid ’80s.



Posted 18 May 2018 - 09:35 PM


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